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Angelspit to score Nosferatu film, announces remix and video competitionsElectro/punk outfit Angelspit has signed on to craft and perform a hellish soundscape for the legendary horror masterpiece Nosferatu live in the park in Chicago’s Comfort Station (Logan Square) on August 20. “This will be the craziest outdoor gig we’ve ever done,” says Zoog Von Rock. “I have written a large amount of new music, plus I am designing many acoustic and electronic instruments to be used in the performance. I’m also using much of the gear used in the recording of our latest album The Product – several old samplers, rare modular synths, and many analog/circuit-bent DIY devices.” Angelspit has recruited several musicians to assist, including The Gothsicles’ Brian Graupner, I:Scintilla’s Jim Cookas and Brittany Bindrim, and some of Chicago’s top experimental noise artists. “There is also a huge amount of the the performance that will be played by the audience – and it’s all live! No laptops, no sequencers; it’s all performed LIVE while the original version of Nosferatu is projected.” Nosferatu is famous for its numerous score variations over the years. Further details are available through the official Angelspit Facebook event.
In related news, Angelspit has launched two competitions for fans. The Product Remix Competition invites contestants to craft club-oriented remixes from Angelspit’s newest album. The contest closes August 4, with winners added to the band’s new remix release, distributed to DJs, magazines, and streaming sites such as Spotify. Full rules and remix packs are available through the band’s website.
Angelspit’s Video Competition seeks creative videos for tracks from The Product. “Angelspit was so impressed with the quality from our previous video competition that we took The Liar (the winner) on a USA tour with us,” says Von Rock. “We commissioned finalists Keith Jenson to do ‘Pretty Dead Boys’ and Chris Davis to do ‘Ambassador’ from our new album The Product. These competitions are the coolest way to bring the amazing talent in Angelspit’s fan base to light.” Full rules are available through the band’s website; the contest ends September 8, with winners promoted and used as official Angelspit videos.
Angelspit’s newest album, The Product was released in March of this year.


Angelspit Website http://www.angelspit.net
Angelspit MySpace http://www.myspace.com/angelspitmusic
Angelspit Facebook https://www.facebook.com/angelspitmusic
Angelspit Twitter https://www.twitter.com/angelspit
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Angelspit SoundCloud http://soundcloud.com/angelspit
The Product Remix Packs http://www.angelspit.net/the-product-remix-competition
“Angelspit v Nosferatu” Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/693006320735286/
Comfort Station Website www.comfortstationlogansquare.org

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