Mar 2015 25

Angelspit collaborates with The Gothsicles on new albumZoog von Rock of electro/punk band Angelspit has teamed up with Brian Graupner of The Gothsicles for a new album titled Hardcore Pong. Featuring 10 new songs and remixes from top artists, Hardcore Pong is the result of a Kickstarter campaign, with plans to release the album in September. The campaign has already exceeded its initial goal of $2,000 within the first two days, now setting a stretch goal of $8,000 and plans to take the act on tour.
“We are working on some very cool live interactive ideas to massively involve the audience,” states von Rock. Graupner adds, “Our Kickstarter takes audience participation to an insane level, from personalized ring tones, to inviting fans to send in abusive video messages to be spliced into a song, to writing a track based on your theme and contributing vocals appearing in the video.”
The Hardcore Pong campaign ends on March 25.


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