Jul 2017 26

Angelspit announces "tough as f*ck" seventh album
Electro/punk act Angelspit has announced the release of the band’s seventh album, titled Black Dog Bite, due out in Fall of 2017. Front man Zoog Von Rock states that the album “will keep you throwing office chairs at your computer moniter,” describing the album as “tough as f*ck,” a slamming combination of heavy beats, dirty synths, and scathing vocals with cynical lyrics dealing with politics and personal issues – in other words, the classic Angelspit sound. Von Rock further states that the album offers a distorted and viscious twist on dance music, continuing where the band’s previous Cult of Fake album left off; of the album’s callback to early ’90s cyberpunk, Von Rock continues, “I’ve gone back to the classic sound of early industrial – gritty lo-fi samples, clanging metal, and digitally tortured guitar.”
Pre-orders for Black Dog Bite are available via the band’s Kickstarter and Etsy pages.


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