Nov 2013 25

Angelspit announces next album, donation rewardElectro/punk project Angelspit has announced its 2014 album titled The Product, a 13-track release produced by Zoog Von Rock. The album features such contributors (or “digital troublemakers” as named by Angelspit) as Helalyn Flowers, CHANT, Miss Ballistic, Alan Labiner, Chris Kling, Teknocracy, Steve Jones (Agent 13) and Adam Newman (Lab4). “George Bikos and I spent two years making an album that is lyrically relevant, musically intricate and recklessly heavy,” says Zoog Von Rock. “This is Angelspit’s ultimate album… total sonic warfare!” The Product is set for distribution through Black Pill Red Pill in March 2014. Angelspit premiered three tracks from the new album at 2013’s Dragon*Con.
In related news, the band will launch a crowdsourcing initiative in January 2014. For now, fans can donate $20 through the Angelspit MyShopify page to be credited in the liner notes on the new album and receive Angelspit’s remastered debut release Nurse Grenade. The 2014 campaign will feature more options, including copies of the new album.


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