Nov 2017 29

Android Lust launches Kickstarter campaign to release latest album in vinyl
Android Lust - Berlin (Crater Vol. 2)Having released the band’s sixth studio album, Berlin (Crater Vol. 2) in August of this year in CD and digital formats, experimental electro/industrial artist Android Lust has launched a new Kickstarter campaign to provide a vinyl release. Taking inspiration from her travels in the German capitol, Android Lust’s Shikhee constructed the album to delve into the city’s personality and soul that can “only be glimpsed in snapshots of time and space,” drawing on the numerous field recordings she made exploring museums, famous studios, and abandoned buildings. The vinyl pressing of Berlin (Crater Vol. 2) concludes on December 19 with a goal of $4,000 – among the rewards for backers are digital downloads, CDs, and a USB drive containing the Android Lust back catalog, postcards, T-shirts, handwritten lyrics, a Raw//Crater V2 Sessions collection of demos and other tracks from the recording sessions, as well as a vinyl pressing of the album’s predecessor Crater Vol. 1.



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