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And One announces their end in 2014Synthpop superstars And One have released a statement on their official web site that may potentially announce the band’s break-up. Translated from German, Steve Naghavi writes on the official And One website, “Fans, on 14 January, 2014 AND ONE [is] 25 years old. With a laughing and a crying eye I decided AND ONE to end  [sic] with dignity and success in the 25th Anniversary year.” More details are still to come, but And One may end during 2014.
“It has indeed already got around that SPV, our former record company and the annoying lawsuit is the catalyst for my decision to put an end to the whole. The reasons for this are, however, so broad and varied that they would not have time to explain to a 25-side letter to the fans,” says Naghavi, citing this as “the last factor… to want AND ONE [to] necessarily terminate gracefully.”
And One is still planning to release the next album, Magnetic, and “plan for the fall of 2013 to [be] the beginning of our farewell tour, which we will celebrate with as much positive energy as well as this year’s tour.”
Magnetic will be available in the And One online store and on tour.


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