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Amanda Palmer collaborates with Edward Ka-Spel on upcoming album, tour
The Legendary Pink Dots’ Edward Ka-Spel and singer/songwriter Amanda Palmer have announced the release of a collaborative album on May 5. The duo began recording I Can Spin a Rainbow in the spring of 2016 at Imogen Heap’s studio in England, distilling countless conversations about the often terrifying state of the world over tea into poetry and verse. Of the collaboration, Palmer comments, “We merged our songwriting heads and poetic worlds to make a new universe.” The title is a nod to both the “system overwhelmed” error icon of Macintosh computers and the dualistic nature of a rainbow as it straddles the demarcation between foul and fair weather. Palmer states, “It’s both dark and light at the same time. To me, the songs are simultaneously frightening and comforting, like a thunderstorm heard from a living room.” A 15 date tour of the U.S. and Europe in support of the album begins in Boston on May 17, with tickets available now through Amanda Palmer’s website.


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