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Am I Dead Yet, featuring PWEI and Apollo 440 members, announces debut album
Best known for his work in Pop Will Eat Itself and Pigface, Mary Byker has announced the completion of a new album with Apollo 440’s Noko, titled Am I Dead Yet?. Featuring 11 tracks in what Byker describes as “lush, dark symphonic pop” that “chime with the times” and create “a retro cinematic lament to the failure of technology to save us from ourselves,” the duo has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the record on the project’s website, with Am I Dead Yet? available to order now; an exclusive Never Mind the Bolex EP featuring five remix tracks will be offered to those who contribute to the campaign prior to the digital release date of March 13, 2019.

Other rewards for the campaign include autographed CD copies with your name printed on the sleeve, T-shirts, with higher tiers including the band remixing a track of your own, and Am I Dead Yet? performing live “direct in your bathroom! (or any other room of your choice),” with the caveat that the band will come to your and drink your beer. Having worked together in Apollo 440 from 1997 to 2004, Byker and Noko have a long collaborative history together, with several videos documenting the recording process of the album on the Am I Dead Yet? website showcasing the pair’s creative partnership in full swing.


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