Mar 2015 25

Al Jourgensen announces new projectsCurrently on what he states will be the band’s final tour, MINISTRY’s Al Jourgensen has announced the beginning of a new project, Surgical Meth Machine. In collaboration with longtime engineer Sammy D’Ambruoso, Surgical Meth Machine will be a speed metal project in which, as Jourgensen states, “There’s nothing under 220bpm on there. It’s not for the faint of heart.” He continues, “People are probably going to dismiss it as craziness – and that’s good. Craziness develops a future in music. You need the crazy.”
Comparing the project to “Mikey’s Middle Finger,” a track off the final MINISTRY album From Beer to Eternity and one of the last recordings by guitarist Mike Scaccia before his death in December of 2012, Jourgensen states, “Imagine a whole album of that – this is what we’re going for now. Straight Mayhem.”
In addition, Jourgensen will also be working on another new project called Dubweiser, focusing on dub music in a similar vein to “Thanx but No Thanx,” also off of From Beer to Eternity. As well, there are plans for a second autobiography, a serial killer novel, and a possible movie and documentary.


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