Sep 2017 28

After five years, for all the emptiness is back with a new EP and music video
Industrial/synthpop band for all the emptiness has released the offical video for the song “Hearts Against Minds.” The Toronto based group travelled to Nevada to shoot the video in multiple locations, taking adavntage of a raging windstorm to create a “story of a world of people trapped within themselves, struggling, in pain, and wanting to break free” against a backdrop of violent news clippings and “drones” in military camouflage. Vocalist/composer Jonathan Kaplan also includes, “We worked with a local production company who assisted with the entire production; from concept to the final cut.”
for all the emptiness - mt epThe song was originally one of the five tracks of the group’s mt ep, released on February 14 of this year; the group is now preparing to release a remixed version, titled mt repeat, featuring remixes from Apoptygma Berzerk, Aesthetic Perfection, Neuroticfish, LeƦther Strip, and Sebastian Komor in the works, with a release date yet to be announced. The mt ep was the first release of new material from for all the emptiness since the 2011 album Axioms and its accompanying 2012 remix release Second Order.


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