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Ad Inferna announces its endGothic/metal band Ad Inferna has officially announced that it has reached its end, citing reasons of distance, musical conception, and live performance. “We took that decision for several reasons,” says the band in the official statement, “including the desire to stop before making an album that doesn’t fit our personalities anymore. Instead of changing members, we decided to stop completely and turn the Ad Inferna’s final page for good.” The statement continues, “Other more personally detrimental reasons include the desire to perform live by some members, but another member in the group’s lack of desire, despite requests from large festivals, record labels and fans. The physical distance we now have is another reason. And finally, our opposing ideas of what success means and what goals we should have are the final nails in the coffin to the demise of Ad Inferna.”
As a result, Opus 7 Elevation has been confirmed to be the band’s final album, released via Advoxya Records in 2014. “There’s no coming back, nothing else from now on, and any kind of featuring, references or remixes mentioning Ad Inferna will be considered non-legit.”
This marks the second occasion in which Ad Inferna has disbanded, having taken a hiatus in 2003 due to financial problems with the group’s first label, lasting until 2009 when the band reformed with a more industrialized sound. Ad Inferna originally formed in 1998, debuting with L’Empire des Sens in 2001 on German labels Last Episode and Silverdust, sharing the stage with the likes of Dimmu Borgir, Nightwish, and Tiamat at the Summer Breeze 2002 festival in Germany. Having later transitioned into industrial/metal, the band would collaborate with such luminaries of the electro/industrial scene like Combichrist, Beborn Beton, and Soman, and collaborating with Vasi Vallis (Frozen Plasma, NamNamBulu), Kari Berg (Ashbury Heights), and after a stint with Nilaihah Records formed its own label, DSM Music.
“We would like to thank all the people and artists who have been supporting us for 15 years now,” concludes the band; “all our album guests, our label managers, distributors, the amazing people we have worked with and all the people who have understood us and the reasons why we changed so much after our first album.”


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Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

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