Sep 2013 12

Acucrack returns to release new albumAcucrack – a.k.a. DJ? Acucrack – will be releasing its seventh full-length album, The Mawn Reproduction on October 1 through Cracknation Records. This marks the electronic act’s first album since 2007’s Humanoids from the Deep and 2008’s CrackMix VI: Live 07/08. The album will be made available via iTunes, Amazon, Storming the Base, and other select stores.
In addition, Acucrack will be performing at the Coldwaves II event in Chicago, featuring Sean Payne of Cyanotic.
Track list:

  1. Honey
  2. Violence
  3. Xtro
  4. Pineal Splitter
  5. Correction
  6. The Swan
  7. Murder of the Triplets
  8. Opensource Organsport
  9. Languid States
  10. Russian River Conspiracy


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