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Since the release of the It Will Come to You album in March 2018, which is now in its third vinyl pressing via Artoffact Records, Canadian post-punk band ACTORS has been on a nonstop touring cycle, with the latest wave to take place in Europe. Beginning today, August 22, and continuing until September 20, the quartet will be appearing in multiple cities in Germany, Portugal, Sweden, France, Poland, and Spain, with additional stops in the Czech Republic and Denmark; included on the itinerary are such festivals as Prague Gotik Treffen, NCN, and Young & Cold. A full listing of tour dates can be found on the ACTORS website; vocalist/guitarist and ACTORS founder Jason Corbett comments, “We’ve been waiting to come back to Europe all year and now the time has arrived. We’ll be hitting the stage and getting a chance to meet all of you face to face.”

To help kickoff the European tour, ACTORS unveiled via a new music video for the track “L’Appel du Vide,” the opening song on It Will Come to You. The video was recorded as a studio session to capture the band’s dynamic and precision in recreating the recorded material in the live environment, with the song’s title translating to “The call of the void,” described by as “the french expression for the intrusive thoughts that fill the vacuum of a mind left to its own spiraling anxieties – the kind that can only be drowned out with a pair of headphones…”


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