Jun 2017 29

9Electric joins final dates of Otep tour
In support of the band’s latest studio album, 2016’s The Damaged Ones, L.A. electro/rock act 9Electric has joined Otep’s Resistance Tour. 9Electric front man Ron “Thunderwood” says that the group, “is so stoked to join Otep on their Resistance Tour! Here’s a scene comprised not simply of music fans, but fans of something deeper – fans of art and fans of an unflinching quest for self-realization. Otep inspires people the way all great artists should, and 9E can’t wait to contribute to this scene.” 9Electric has already performed the first two of these six tour dates, with the next taking place on June 30 in Oklahoma City; after the tour’s conclusion on July 5, the band will then also headline a show at West Hollywood’s Viper Room on Thursday July 6 with special guests ÆGES, Neverfade, and Mad in the Hat. The Damaged Ones was released on July 15 of 2016 via Another Century, marking 9Electric’s full-length debut after a series of EP releases that brought the band to prominence in the L.A. music scene.


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