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65daysofstatic has released a new single and video, “Trackerplatz,” from the upcoming album replicr,2019, due out September 27 on Superball Music. Through the band’s ceation of procedural musical systems and generative soundscapes, all of which inspired this new, focused, minimalist sound, 65daysofstatic describes replicr,2019 as “a stark, angular, stripped back slab of focused noise” that “wastes no time because there is no time left to waste.” The single was initially among a group of tracks that had “already been unceremoniously left in the dirt” during the recording of the album, the band saving the song at the last minute through the use of a 1998 Akai S2000 digital sampler, which had been a mainstay of the band’s gear in its early days touring in a van across Europe. With “Trackerplatz” and replicr.2019, the Sheffield based experimental group continues the evolutionary arc that began with the 2004 The Fall of Math debut to the 2013 Wild Light release, blending elements of glitch, IDM, techno, post-rock, and other exploratory styles. In 2016, 65daysofstatic also contributed its critically acclaimed score for the highly anticipated video game No Man’s Sky.


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