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3TEETH releases new single and music video

3TEETH - AtrophyHaving toured earlier this year as the opening act for TOOL, Los Angeles industrial/metal band 3TEETH has released on August 19 its latest single and accompanying music video, “Atrophy,” to widespread acclaim. The track will appear on the band’s upcoming sophomore album, titled <shutdown.exe>, with the band teaming up with prominent music publication Rolling Stone for the new single. In a statement to Rolling Stone, vocalist Alexis Mincolla says the new song is “about living in a culture of perpetual distractions and fighting back against the underuse of our own minds that occurs as a result of it.” The “Atrophy” single is now available via iTunes and 3TEETH’s Bandcamp, with a release date for <shutdown.exe> scheduled for February of 2017 via OMF Records.
The music video, co-directed by Mincolla with editor Vicente Cordero and produced by Shanti Whitney for Industrialism Films premiered on Rolling Stone on August 18 and can be viewed via YouTube. Imagined as a “sort of exaggerated allegory” of the lyrical subject matter, featuring BDSM themes and riot police, the front man describes the video as a “miniature Stanford prison experiment,” with the shoot resulting in one participant being taken to the emergency room. The singer comments, “Apparently, everyone had watched enough online videos of policy brutality and riot porn to create their own stage directions as it got semi out of hand and resulted in having to send one person off to the E.R. with an accidental split lip. Fortunately, they’re fine and there’s no hard feelings.”
In addition, 3TEETH has been tapped to open yet again for TOOL in October, with festival appearances at InFest in the U.K. and Riot Fest in Denver and Chicago also on the itinerary; the band will also be performing at various clubs throughout August and September.


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