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16volt returns, launches IndieGoGo campaign for new albumColdwave act 16volt has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign to support the release of a new album, the band’s first since 2011’s Beating Dead Horses. The band is set to begin recording in the early part of 2016 with renowned producer Marc Jordan, to be mastered by Howie Weinberg. Included on the campaign website is a breakdown of the recording and production costs, with a final goal of $28,000; perks for the campaign feature the album in multiple physical and digital formats (including vinyl and FLAC), as well as limited edition T-shirts and merch, a handwritten lyric book, a remix EP, and individual live performances.
Proceeds from the campaign will also be put into the Wounded Warrior Project, a charity for veterans returning from service with physical or psychological injuries. “We are not pocketing the funds,” states the band; “by funding this project, you are getting directly involved in the outcome of making this new album and you are also helping 16volt give back to the American heroes who have given so much for all of us.”
Though signed to Metropolis Records for every release since 2007’s FullBlackHabit, 16volt has fulfilled its contract and “decided to part ways with the notion of relying on a record label album,” further stating that this “gives us the chance to finally make a record for us and more importantly a record for you – our fans!”
16volt was officially dissolved in August 2014, following an announcement in May of that year that longtime bassist and cowriter Mike Peoples had left the group. Subsequently, Powell formed a new band, Black December, with drummer Keith Hirschman – bassist Kimber Parrish and guitarist Erik Gustafson would join the group after the release of the Black December debut, Vol. 1, which was also produced and mastered by Jordan and Weinberg, respectively. According to the band’s Facebook, Hirschman, Parrish, and Gustafson are all involved in the current 16volt lineup.


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