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With a debut album and an upcoming appearance at PIGFest 3.0, Portland electro duo Xibling speaks with Dawn Woodkill to introduce audiences to their sound.


An InterView with Julian Thieme & Moriah West of Xibling

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)

Portland’s Xibling is one of the electronic bands playing at the 2018 PIGFest in August. Dawn Woodkill, on behalf of ReGen Magazine, had a chance to preview the duo’s debut release, Ground Zero, and found the sound to be reminiscent of ’80s synthpop with incredibly fun and catchy beats and soundscapes. Speaking with Xibling members Julian Thieme and Moriah West, we get to find out about the pair’s music, PIGFest, and Xibling’s plans to transform relationships of various machines.



How long has Xibling been together? Can you give us some history on the band?

Xibling: The two of us have been collaborating forever, mostly in the clouds and via subterranean means. But, Xibling played its first official terra firma show at the precious local emerald gem, Green Noise Records, in late February 2018.

What local Northwest bands have you played with? Who would you like to tour with?

Xibling: That first show was with local Portland dream team Ritual Veil and Over… certainly wouldn’t be mad at touring with that lineup!



How would you describe your sound?

Xibling: Electro/punk poetry or… frenetically alive, experimental popping, hardware synthesized, post-post-punk poetry.

What goals does Xibling have?

Xibling: Catharsis. Connection. rEvolution.



Tell us about Ground Zero?

Xibling: Ground Zero is just our opening, so that all manner of sonic fallout we excavate from the ruin of this world now has a channel to be shared… there is so much here, glowing in the rubble.



Tell us about your upcoming projects/gigs?

Xibling: We love conducting energy with a live audience as much as possible! Right now, we’re playing a ton, all over Portland. Also, we have a new video single coming very soon with a song selected by Dave Cantrell of Out From the Shadows Festival and X-RAYfm’s Songs From Under the Floorboard – gorgeously recorded and mixed/mastered by Jeremy Wilkins of We Are Parasols and NMVMNT Records.



You are performing at Portland’s PIGFest this year? How did that come about?

Xibling: The organizers, Derek (Moore) and Eric (Powell), asked us. (Thanks, Ophelia!)

Anything else you would like to promote?

Xibling: Julian also does music video production for hire and loves working with local bands. And Mo has a one-woman custom fashion house at MoWestCreations.etsy.com.


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Photos courtesy of Xibling


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