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With an upcoming appearance at PIGFest 3.0, Dawn Woodkill speaks with Julia Marie More of Synth Witch.


An InterView with Julia Marie More of Synth Witch

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)

Synth Witch is Portland’s instrumental, bouncy, synthscape band with a colorful array of beautiful textures and ’80s-esque sounds that would sound fantastic behind a Netflix throwback series. Julia Marie More is the talented multi-instrumentalist behind Synth Witch, her music focusing on synth driven post-industrial and experimental music. She has done remix work for Jordana LeSesne – a.k.a. 1.8.7 – and PIGFest’s own Die Robot. Dawn Woodkill speaks with More on behalf of ReGen Magazine about the artist’s music, history, and upcoming performances, including a major appearance at PIGFest 3.0 and several other festivals in the Pacific Northwest.


Julia, what was your first introduction to the gothic music scene?

More: Growing up, I was into a lot of Depeche Mode, The Cure, Skinny Puppy, etc.. I grew up playing guitar, later finding my way to synths, and industrial/goth music was an inspiring blend. My hometown had a small group of outliers back then, but my first true experience was at a club called Orpheus back in Baltimore, MD.

Have you always striven for being an integral member in more than one project?

More: Currently, I’m working solo for the most part, but I’ve definitely been on the lookout for a larger project after the album comes out.



What motivates you?

More: Anti-fascism, equality, a revolution in this unjust world. I play music almost every day as a form of therapy, but it’s become something more than that lately.

Tell us about PIGFest and your upcoming projects/gigs?

More: I’ve been really looking forward to PIGFest and all of the talented artists. Most likely I will be preforming live improv on an all hardware modular synth setup with live keys. After PIGFest, I’ll be performing Signal / Logic / Control on August 22 at Killingsworth Dynasty and T.O.U.C.H. Samahdi’s Equinox in Asheville, NC on September 22. I’m also coordinating Modular on the Spot PDX Women and Non Binary Takeover on August 25 and will perform.



Have you ever done television or movie soundtracks? I can totally see your music complementary to film.

More: Not yet, but something is in the works. I’m definitely open to such opportunities in the future.

I see that you have done some remixing. Do you enjoy this facet of music creation and are you available for artists to have their songs remixed?

More: I’m always down to remix for the right artist and have a few unannounced remixes in the works.



Where do you see yourself in five years?

More: Touring with a few albums and soundtracks behind me.

Who are some of the bands you have performed with/opened for?

More: Thor & Friends of Swans and Malekko (the band featuring Paul Barker, Chris Connelly, and Joshua Holley).



What gear do you use for your creative soundscapes?

More: I tend to use a combination of keys and modular synthesis.

Where is your favorite place to perform?

More: I don’t know if I have a favorite yet, but The Lovecraft has played a crucial role in birthing Synth Witch.

Anything else you would like to promote?

More: Check out Xibling, one of the best duos in Portland right now. I’ve also been super into the debut release from Omniflux, who is my magic sister through and through.



Synth Witch
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Photography courtesy of Synth Witch


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  1. Chip Crell says:

    Hi, I enjoyed your “Falling from the inside..;-)
    I hope I win come see you perform in Asheville NC in sept..
    You’re an inspiration .. – Chip

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