Oct 2012 26

Delivering an in-your-face techno assault, My Parasites join in the Wall Street Massacre tour alongside heavyweight acts Cyanotic and Angelspit.

An InterView with Jaws Pasożyt & Chloë Mox of My Parasites

By: Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)

Three heavy hitters of the modern electro/industrial underground have joined forces to wage an all out assault on corporatism and greed – the Wall Street Massacre tour. From the glitch-laden pseudo-hip-hop electro punk of Angelspit to the guttural drum & bass by way of coldwave viciousness of Cyanotic to the pounding melodic darkness and rage of My Parasites, these three bands are sure to unleash a furious fire that rivetheads all across North America can revel in. Full of volume and vigor, ReGen is proud to have had the opportunity to take part in the bloody campaign, concluding with this InterView with Jaws Pasożyt & Chloë Mox of My Parasites. Watch and read as the pair discusses the band’s development and placement on Beyond Therapy Records to the definition of industrial music and the upcoming album ParaLies, joining in the fight against corporatism and going on the offense with a blistering techno/industrial assault!



Jaws: Hi, I’m Jaws from My Parasites.

Chloë: And I’m Chloë.

Jaws: And we have some answers regarding the Wall Street Massacre tour.

After languishing in the Philadelphia scene for several years, how did you catch the eye of Zoog Von Rock and end up as a guest on this tour?

Jaws: I met Zoog through Chloë in New York City, and after going to a bunch of karaoke and helping him move out of his apartment, he asked us to join on the Wall Street Massacre tour. So we jumped at the chance and now here we are.

The band is signed to Beyond Therapy Records, which is run by The Ludovico Technique’s Ben V. In what ways has this signing been beneficial to the band’s progress? As a great deal of the underground labels are artist-run, what do you find to be the major benefits/detriments to this?

Jaws: Signing with Beyond Therapy Records was very beneficial for My Parasites. Since we signed with Beyond Therapy Records, My Parasites has gotten a lot of promotion and Ben from The Ludovico Technique has helped us out a lot. The benefits of being on an underground, smaller label is that we don’t get lost in a sea of other artists and we were pretty much hand-picked. So, that’s good. The only bad thing about it I guess would be that we’re not signed to some huge label who can pay for our tours and pay for absolutely everything that we need.

You state on your website that your music is a ‘gritty in-your-face techno assault.’ While the term techno seems to have been a catch-all for a great deal of electronic music, what are your thoughts on the validity of genre or category titles?

Chloë: I think there are way too many subgenres in the industrial culture, and it can get confusing as to which category music falls into. I don’t think they’re all really needed. So, you’re either industrial or you’re not.

Jaws: Yeah, we use ‘techno assault’ to describe our music because it’s, you know… electronic and techno kind of describes the majority of it. We are an industrial band, obviously, but we don’t want to stick to just that one genre. We want to be known as an electronic band because it’s bigger than just the industrial scene.

The Wall Street Massacre tour is your latest, but you’ve done shows and tours with a number of artists like Mushroomhead, Vicious Alliance, Christian Death, Chemlab, and Deadstar Assembly, to name a few. What would you say is the single most important thing that you’ve learned from all of them and how have you applied it to your own music and approach to touring?

Chloë: I think an important thing to take away from playing with a lot of other bands is being able to roll with the punches and being able to get along with all different kinds of personalities and putting egos aside.

Jaws: I learned to work together with other bands, even though you might not like them, and to not act like a rock star if you’re not a rock star, ’cause I’ve played with a lot of bands who act like they are and they’re really not. So, just take yourself seriously and not too seriously.

What’s the next step for My Parasites? When can audiences expect to see a new album release?

Jaws: Actually, this Wall Street Massacre tour is perfect timing because our album will actually be released on Beyond Therapy Records, October 5 – the album ParaLies. And after this tour, we’re going to start working on the new album, learning new music, playing more shows, and we’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing.

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