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Continuing on a more spiritual exploration of the occult philosophies he lives by, Kristof Bathory speaks with ReGen about his latest musical outlet, Bornless Fire.
Bornless Fire


An InterView with Kristof Bathory of Bornless Fire and Dawn of Ashes

By Will Sanchez (Sinwheel)

Bornless Fire is the brainchild of Kristof Bathory, front man for the industrial/metal band Dawn of Ashes. He has teamed up with Brendin Ross of Frontal Boundary and BILE), Carved Souls’ Krz Souls, and his fellow Dawn of Ashes band mate Angel Dies to create a ruthless, heavy, and inspired blend of industrial and dark electro sounds. This project delves into more spiritual depths with themes inspired by the Left Hand Path, a term used in occult and ceremonial magic to represent malicious black magic, and a philosophy that Bathory lives by. He has stated that the essence and meaning behind the band’s name was designed to “reflect on the ‘divine spark’ within each human soul.” With rich and cutting soundscapes and driving rhythms, Bornless Fire will be making its way to the stage very soon.


Your music has been widely known for its extreme metal and industrial edge. What is unique and different about Bornless Fire in comparison to Dawn of Ashes?

Bathory: Dawn of Ashes made a major musical genre switch towards an extreme metal sound back in 2009 and moved away from the pure industrial sound. With this new project, it will be starting off from where DoA left off when the band was pure industrial. This is an opportunity to give the old fans something fresh and to create what they missed about DoA from back when I was making industrial and dark electro music.

What techniques or instruments and creative processes have you added to Bornless Fire?

Bathory: I have learned a lot of new techniques in my music writing over the years, which gives me new creative abilities when writing industrial music. Yes, I have new production gear and programs that help with the writing process, but also more years of experience has made this new beast something better than what I was doing with DoA doing that earlier era.

What was the main inspiration behind the creation of your new project?

Bathory: Musically, I am inspired by late ’80s to early 2000s era of industrial music – bands like early Nine Inch Nails, :Wumpscut:, Hocico, Suicide Commando, and even my earlier work has been an inspiration.

How do you manage to stay so prolific with so many demands on your schedule and upcoming shows while balancing everything else? What keeps you motivated?

Bathory: It’s definitely a challenge, but I guess you could say that I am good at multitasking.

Bornless Fire

When can we expect Bornless Fire to go on tour?

Bathory: The debut album is set to be released on Metropolis Records sometime around early 2018. So, I’m assuming closer to that time.

What’s next on the horizon with Dawn of Ashes; any future collaboration in the works?

Bathory: To be honest, I can’t really disclose any further info about future plans with DOA.

Who was one of your strongest influences when you were coming up as an artist, and what advice could you render to up-and-coming musicians out there?

Bathory: I definitely have had a handful of iconic musical inspirations growing up that gave me the ambition to do music as a career – anywhere from Dimmu Borgir, Cradle of Filth, Nine Inch Nails, to White Zombie, Pantera, Sepultura, and many more.
As far as my advice goes to upcoming musicians, I would say to just bust your ass in this industry. Put 150% into what you do and you may have a chance of getting somewhere. It’s a rough industry and it will do its best to try to tear you apart.

What are your thoughts on the way that extreme metal and industrial musical styles are blending?

Bathory: I think it’s a positive thing. It kills the narrow-minded mentality that is completely hurting the growth of underground music and unites two diverse, aggressive genres to join hands and work together. There should be no segregation, especially in the underground music industry.

Baphomet - The Left Hand Path

Has the political climate of today influenced any of your writing and music production, and if so, how?

Bathory: As an active Left Hand Path practitioner, it’s my duty to share my opinion on a political topic about the poor conditions of our society through my music. The current state of the human race is a great form of inspiration and a good way for me to share my voice. Music is the greatest form of artistic rebellion that strikes the hearts of so many young kids and that is an essential key towards the development of why I am doing this now. I have a way bigger purpose now in music.


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