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Dawn Woodkill speaks with Adrian H, dynamic front man of Adrian H and the Wounds about the group’s performance at Portland’s PIGFest and plans for the rest of 2018.


An InterView with Adrian H of Adrian H and The Wounds

By Dawn Wood (DWoodkillMW)

One of the fixtures of the Pacific Northwest industrial/goth scene, Adrian H and The Wounds has spent the last several years building up a sizeable local following. With front man Adrian H also acting as one of the scene’s most reliable sound engineers, he’s taken his band through significant strides, with this year marking an appearance at PIGFest 3.0 alongside several other major players in the area. Speaking with Dawn Woodkill for ReGen Magazine, Adrian H tells us about his history in the Pacific Northwest scene, the artistic and musical progression of Adrian H and The Wounds, the influence of David J, the support of Cleopatra Records, and his affinity for the Gilmore Girls television program.


You are a major player in PIGFest helping with sound organization, as well as performing. How did Adrian H and The Wounds get involved with PIGFest?

Adrian: In 2017, I was approached by Derek Moore and Eric Powell about organizing a festival at the Paris Theatre in Portland, where I was employed as front of house sound engineer. It came together quickly and was an initial success with a positive response from the local scene. PIGFest will continue to grow and I’m sure in years to come, it will become a formidable annual musical event.

As one of the more successful acts in the Northwest gothic scene, what would you say has been your secret to your success?

Adrian: Balance and respect; balance between studio work, touring, rehearsals, and personal responsibilities. Good band mates and the respect we possess for each other’s individuality is a vital component that has cultivated our creative endeavors.



What has been your most favorite place/venue/event to perform and why?

Adrian: I miss the old Fez Theatre in Portland, where we once played support for New Model Army. That was truly a special night for me personally. I really admire Justin Sullivan as a musician and poet.

What keeps you centered?

Adrian: Music and my old piano at home.



What is something about you that might surprise your fans/ReGen readers?

Adrian: I fucking love the Gilmore Girls TV drama.

Does Adrian H have a mentor or major contributor of influence who holds a place dear to you?

Adrian: David J has been a great mentor for us and his Bauhaus ex-band mates as well. I/we have learned volumes of lessons from them all.



Adrian H and The Wounds is in the studio recording new music. Tell us about that?

Adrian: Cleopatra Records has always encouraged us to keep pushing ourselves to explore new, uncharted regions and comfort zones in our music. The studio is where these journeys take place. We will be previewing the new material from our upcoming album at PIGFest 3.0.

What is something that you haven’t yet done that you would like to add to your list of accomplishments?

Adrian: If all goes well, we hope to finalize a Japanese tour for next year. Shiggy, our bass player, is from Japan and I’d like to give him that homecoming experience.



You guys always have the coolest promo posters. Do you create those?

Adrian: Most of our posters and art/LP design has been created by Leah Whisenand – a.k.a. DJ Paradox. She’s has an epic, elegant soul and possesses a beautiful artistic sensibility… and she watches Gilmore Girls with me. Check out her jewelry at

You guys have released a few, very cool, eclectic music videos. Any plans to make another one soon?

Adrian: Videos are tricky and dangerous. They rob the listener from the original mental experience that occurs upon listening to the music/song. Once you see a video for said music/song, you risk the alteration of the original imagery, but record companies love them, so expect one from us in the near future.



Anything else you would like to promote? Where can ReGen readers find Adrian H and The Wounds music/news/tour dates/social media and videos?

Adrian: Hope to see you all at PIGFest 3.0 in Portland, OR at The Paris Theatre, August 10-12. Everything Adrian H and The Wounds related is available at our website. Thank you, Dawn. Thank you, ReGen. Bleeding for you.


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Photography provided courtesy of Adrian H and The Wounds


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