Oct 2017 27

ReGen Exclusive: NOIR releases remix EP, premieres music video for "The Burning Bridge"
NOIR - Reburning EPHaving released The Burning Bridge EP in 2016, New York City darkwave act NOIR will be releasing the Reburning remix companion on October 27 via Metropolis Records. Alongside remixes by Decoded Feedback, The Rain Within, and Panic Lift, Reburning features two exclusive tracks, including a remix of “Same Old Madness” by Bestial Mouths. Known for his work with electro/industrial group Spahn Ranch and darkwave collective Black Tape for a Blue Girl, NOIR’s Athan Maroulis joins forces with Man Woman Machine cellist Tracey Moth on an acoustic rendition of “The Burning Bridge,” arranged by Ron Cardazone. [..]

May 2017 23

The front man for electro/punk sensation Mindless Self Indulgence, Jimmy Urine speaks with ReGen‘s Brian H. McLelland about his new solo outing.
Jimmy Urine InterView: Simple Pleasures and Synthesized Dreams


An InterView with Jimmy Urine

Jul 2016 01

Ed Harcourt releases preview tracks from upcoming album, produced by FloodTwo tracks from UK singer/songwriter Ed Harcourt’s seventh album, Furnaces – “Dionysus” and “The World Is On Fire” – are available now as “instant gratification” downloads with pre-orders for the album, available now on iTunes. Harcourt states that he “wanted to make a record that people can cry, fuck, and fight to.” He continues, “I don’t think there are many records out like that at the moment [..]

Jun 2016 17

Electrozombies to release tribute compilation to Apoptygma BerzerkSynth/electro-pop entertainment website Electrozombies has announced the release of the first Apoptygma Berzerk tribute compilation, titled Apop We Love You. The album’s 20 tracks include submissions by Machinista, Vogon Poetry, Twisted Destiny, IIOIOIOII, and Technomancer featuring Angst Pop (former Apoptygma Berzerk member Aksel Lundgreen). [..]

Jun 2016 17

Republica lead singer to headline Sexhibition Sunday
Saffron, best known as the lead singer of Republica and the voice behind ’90s electro/rock anthems “Ready to Go” and “Drop Dead Gorgeous,” has been announced as the Sunday headliner of Sexhibition. The three day “Erotic event of the year” features music, burlesque, cabaret, performance art, and more in a sex positive environment. Sexhibition runs from August 19 – 21 [..]

Feb 2016 08

Clay People/Iron Lung Corp. vocalist launches crowdfund campaignDaniel Neet – vocalist/programmer for coldwave icons Clay People and Iron Lung Corp. – has announced that he is moving his art and music operations to Chicago, the home of industrial music in the United States. To help facilitate the move, he has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfund campaign [..]

May 2014 04
May 10, 2014
8:00 pm

@Ace of Spades, Sacramento, CA

Civil Unrest [..]

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