May 2019 17

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A mainstay of the death/rock scene, Altar De Fey has announced the release of Original Sin: An Anthology of the Early Years via Other Voices Records on August 25. The 11 track album includes demos, live tracks, and rehearsals dating from 1984 to 1986. Formed in San Francisco during the early ’80s, Altar De Fey was part of the burgeoning post-punk movement [..]

May 2019 16

IRIS to perform debut album in worldwide exclusive anniversary show
Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the debut album’s release, U.S. synthpop act IRIS will be performing Disconnect in its entirety on September 7, 2019 at Underground Arts in Philadelphia, presented by Dracula’s Ball. The worldwide exclusive concert will feature a second set of IRIS hits and tracks from the band’s upcoming new album, Six, following an intermission, with DJ Danny Red conducting dancefloor sets in the interims. In addition, joining the duo of Reagan Jones and Andrew Sega will be original IRIS member Matt Morris [..]

May 2019 15

Ben Basic releases industrial horror music video
Ben Basic - DustOakland based solo artist Ben Basic releases his own vision of industrial horror with the music video for the track “Dust.” Eerily melodic yet dissonant, Basic creates his sound primarily on a blend of drum loops and smart guitar pedal effects, drawing heavily on the influence of such innovative guitarists as U2’s The Edge and The Smiths’ Johnny Marr, the song evoking a vibe not dissimilar to Nine Inch Nails. [..]

May 2019 14

ReGen Magazine wants to make sure we are always referring to people in ways that are responsive to their personal identity and dignity. To that end, we welcome artists reaching out to us to make us aware of any changes to or updates on their gender identity and preferences. We will, if the artist wants, happily revise any past articles – all ReViews, InterViews, and News items. We value accuracy and respect.


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May 2019 13

MINISTRY releases early live recording as Bandcamp exclusive via Cleopatra Records
In recent years, greater acknowledgement has been paid to the earlier synthpop and darkwave sounds of MINISTRY, with today marking the release of Chicago 1982, a live recording of the band’s May 18, 1982 performance at On Broadway in Chicago. The MINISTRY live lineup during this period featured frontman Al Jourgensen with drummer Stephen George, backed by keyboardists Bob Roberts and John Davis, both of which participated in the recording of the band’s debut album, With Sympathy, the following year [..]

May 2019 13

Musique Pour La Danse issues previously unreleased documentary soundtrack by COIL
One of the most influential entities in industrial and experimental music, COIL produced several soundtracks alongside the band’s regular discography, including one for a VHS-only documentary The Gay Man’s Guide to Safer Sex. Although the instructional sexual education documentary was released in 1992 via Pride Video, COIL’s soundtrack has until now never been issued, with longtime collaborator Danny Hyde having now provided the original masters to what founding member John Balance had referred to as a “slightly new agey, progressive house type thing.” [..]

May 2019 13

God Module releases first in trilogy of singles leading up to eighth album
As a prelude to the dark/electro band’s upcoming eighth studio album, God Module released on Friday, May 10 the lyric video for “Cross My Heart.” Edited and conceptualized by God Module front man Jasyn Bangert, the video utilizes footage from 1933 stop motion film The Mascot, available via public domain. “Cross My Heart” is the first in a trilogy of digital singles [..]

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