Aug 2018 29

Chase Dobson announces new Cellar Graves release
Denver based electro/industrial project Cellar Graves will release Omen, a collection of five new songs and remixes by Denver’s Blackcell and New York’s Statiqbloom. The project of musician, engineer, and producer Chase Dobson uses a mix of classic industrial and contemporary synthwave to create a sound with a nostalgic flavor while remaining fresh and modern. [..]

Aug 2018 27

Deine Lakaien to embark on acoustic tour in 2019, along with solo projects
German neo-classical darkwave project Deine Lakaien has announced a tour for 2019 spanning nine dates in eight cities. Following the success of the duo’s XXX-The 30 Years Retrospective Tour, the Acoustica Tour will feature acoustic versions of the group’s set. [..]

Aug 2018 24

Latest EP release from Android Lust featuring tracks from Agony
Having released two volumes of her Crater series, experimental industrial/electronic artist Android Lust has released a new EP, titled Shores Unknown, on August 24 via Bandcamp as a “name-your-price” item. With three original tracks and two remixes, Shores Unknown presents a style more familiar to longtime fans, still wrought with ambient sound design and tonally challenging textures, but once again emphasizing Shikhee’s trademark gritty but ethereal vocalizations [..]

Aug 2018 23

Distortion Productions partners with Creamy Rat Studios for industrial compilation/comic book series
Distortion Productions has collaborated with some prominent figures in the world of comic books, and now has initiated a partnership with Creamy Rat Studios for a new compilation and comic book. Featuring 15 tracks of electro and industrial rock, the first volume of the Synthcore Dreams collection – titled Record Deal of the Apocalypse – will be presented in a CD/comic book combo, with the full-length issue “that will spread the gospel of industrial music” and including a tribute to Jamie Duffy. [..]

Aug 2018 22

The Anix announces sixth full-length album, first on FiXT
Having transitioned from a full band to the solo project of Brandon Smith, electro/rock project The Anix now announces the sixth full-length album, Shadow_Movement, due for release on October 19 via FiXT. Signing to the prominent electronic imprint earlier this year, The Anix has been steadily releasing a stream of singles to preview Shadow_Movement [..]

Aug 2018 22

Dawn of Ashes announces new album with preview demo track
Earlier this year, Dawn of Ashes offered fans a trip down memory lane with a remastered edition of the band’s 2004 demo album Sacred Fever; as well, front man Kristof Bathory returned to his earlier EBM/industrial sound with the Bornless Fire side project. Continuing down the path of returning to roots, the group now announces the next album, The Crypt Injection II (Non Serviam), with a preview demo of the track “Ahriman.” [..]

Aug 2018 21

The Clay People announces release date for first new album in 11 years
The Clay People, one of the staples of the ’90s coldwave scene, finally breaks the silence with the announcement of a new album; after a long gestation period, Demon Hero and Other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies and Fables (or simply Demon Hero) will be released on September 28 via Overit Records. The first album of new studio material from the industrial/alt. metal band since 2007’s Waking the Dead, Demon Hero features 11 tracks [..]

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