Jan 2019 28

Dani'el releases new album as video series presenting a blend of art, poetry, and music
After a period of two years, experimental synthpop artist and poet Dani’el has released a new album, The Soul Has No Gender, a conceptual piece exploring the conflict between the search for identity and cultural expectations. The album’s themes place a particular focus on the juxtaposition of the fluid nature of human sexuality [..]

Jan 2019 27

Drownd makes its debut with "Sick Like You"
London based industrial/rock act Drownd makes its official debut with the release of the single and music video, “Sick Like You.” As the first of four planned releases that will eventually lead to the band’s first full-length album, “Sick Like You” presents Drownd’s sound as an abrasive form of industrial/rock, with the enigmatic front man stating his intention to incorporate more cinematic elements into the band’s sound [..]

Jan 2019 25

Xotox releases latest album
German industrial project Xotox has released a new album, Silent Shout, on January 25 as something of an encore to the somewhat misleadingly named Schwanengesang (“Swan Songs”). Silent Shout features 12 new tracks full of Andreas Davids’ signature brooding atmospheres and driving beats [..]

Jan 2019 25

Acretongue returns with long awaited second album
Surrealist electronic project Acretongue’s has announced the release of its long awaited second album, Ghost Nocturne. The new album builds off of the otherworldly soundscapes of the artist’s 2011 Strange Cargo debut, with Acretongue’s Nico J. exploring a richer and more varied compositional, rhythmic, and vocal style, all hypnotically unfurling into new territory. [..]

Jan 2019 24

Negative Gain Productions announces second annual SXSW showcase
Negative Gain Productions has announced a special showcase at this year’s SXSW, marking the independent electro label’s second at the prominent festival. With SXSW taking place in Austin, TX from March 8-17, the NGP Showcase will occur on March 16 in Valhalla, presenting a lineup of the imprint’s highlight acts [..]

Jan 2019 24

A.I. Zero releases new music video, EP featuring Armageddon Dildos
Founded in 2014 by Maikko Advance (Mind Area, ex-Human Decay) and Flesh Wire, A.I. Zero will be releasing its new No Pain Forever EP as a free download on January 25 via Scent Air. Featuring two original tracks and four remixes, the title track features A.I. Zero collaborating with vocalist Uwe Kanka of German EBM act Armageddon Dildos [..]

Jan 2019 23

Skatenigs front man Phil Owen to present special showcase at SXSW, including live debut of Black Needle Noise
Phil “Phildo” Owen, best known for his work with industrial/alternative bands Skatenigs and Revolting Cocks, will be presenting a special showcase at this year’s SXSW festival, featuring an all-star lineup of some of the scene’s most celebrated acts. Among the performing acts are Owen’s own Skatenigs, as well as the world premiere of John Fryer’s Black Needle Noise [..]

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