Mar 2017 23

Diamanda Galás to release new collection of blues and folk reinterpretations
Diamanda Galás - All the WayAvant-garde composer, vocalist, and activist Diamanda Galás will release a new collection of experimental takes on familiar songs, titled All the Way. The album features both live and studio recordings, including “The Thrill Is Gone,” Theloious Monk’s “Round Midnight” re-imagined as a piano solo, American folk song and live performance favorite “O Death,” and country musician Jonny Paycheck’s “Pardon Me, I’ve Got Someone to Kill.” [..]

Mar 2017 20

Scandroid partners with NewRetroWave for remix competition
Having just unveiled the “Eden” music video and the upcoming Dreams of Neo-Tokyo remix album, Scandroid – the electro/new wave project of Klayton – has partnered with the highly respected brand for an official remix competition. As part of the Scandroid Remix Competition, remixers will be able to choose from three tracks from the Scandroid self-titled debut to enter by April 30 [..]

Mar 2017 19

AM Tierpark forms new label, announces new covers EP
AM Tierpark - April Fool'sHaving first appeared on U.S. label Distortion Productions, AM Tierpark – the duo featuring John Mirland (Mirland) and Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Klutæ) – has decided to strike out on its own and will be releasing a new cover EP, titled April Fool’s. With the release date appropriately set for April 1, the EP will mark the band’s first release on the band’s own Læbel imprint [..]

Mar 2017 18

Fashion Bomb members return as DEVILS with new single and lyric video
DEVILS - Out of MeDEVILS, the new project from Adrian Valerie and Acid White of Chicago’s Fashion Bomb, has unveiled a lyric video for the band’s debut single, “Out of Me.” Referring to their music as “the sound of truth,” which sometimes “lies hidden in the dark,” this marks the first new music from the Fashion Bomb camp since 2009 [..]

Mar 2017 18

Jesus Complex returns after 10 years with third albumJesus Complex, the project of Damon Fries, has released its first album in 10 years, marking the goth/industrial project’s return to the world of skeletons, ghosts, and undead creatures. Live a Little – Die a Little is the act’s first new album since 2007’s Greetings from the Dead [..]

Mar 2017 17

Dirk Ivens' DIVE returns after more than a decade with a new album
DIVE - UnderneathDIVE, one of several projects by Belgian electronic pioneer Dirk Ivens (Absolute Body Control, The Klinic, Sonar) returns with a new album, Underneath, the project’s first since 2004’s Behind the Sun. Previous collaborators Ivan Iusco (who Ivens worked with on 1993’s Concrete Jungle) and Rafael M. Espinosa (his collaborator on Behind the Sun) return [..]

Mar 2017 17

Pharmakon to release new album
Pharmakon - ContactPharmakon, the industrial/noise project of Margaret Chardiet is scheduled to release a new album, Contact, on March 31 via Sacred Bones Records. Contact continues the narrative begun in Pharmakon’s previous release, Bestial Burden, which was inspired by Chardiet’s experience after a sudden and unexpected surgery and explored themes of mortality and consciousness as a prisoner of the flesh [..]

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