Jul 2018 14

Ritual Aesthetic releases music video teasing sophomore album
Founded in 2014 by former Dawn of Ashes member Sean Ragan and based out of Denver, Colorado, industrial/metal band Ritual Aesthetic continues to tease the upcoming sophomore record Wound Garden with a new music video. The video for “The Analog Flesh” made its premiere on Side-Line [..]

Jul 2018 13

ReGen Exclusive: GoFight welcomes audiences to the future with first music video from upcoming album
With 2017 being a relatively quiet year for the eminent Chicago electroscuzz act, GoFight now offers audiences the first taste of the band’s upcoming album, Tokyo Sexwale, in this special ReGen Magazine exclusive premiere of the music video for “Welcome to the Future.” Shot and directed by Paul Christopher Greene, the video is intended as a direct follow up to Die Warzau’s “Welcome to America,” shot almost 30 years ago and sharing the same opening lyric, “This is a racist nation.” [..]

Jul 2018 12

Ghosts in the Graveyard announces remix album to coincide with new Halloween movie
Nearly two years after the release of the Monsters for the Masses debut album, horror/darkwave act Ghosts in the Graveyard has announced a remix companion, titled The Last Halloween. With a planned release date of October 19 to coincide with the theatrical release of Halloween [..]

Jul 2018 12

Throbbing Gristle celebrates 40 years with reissued discography
Mute Records has announced a second round of reissues for the pioneering industrial collective Throbbing Gristle. Remastered editions of Journey Through a Body, Mission of Dead Souls, and Heathen Earth will be released in CD and vinyl formats on September 14 [..]

Jul 2018 11

Statiqbloom announces latest EP, festival appearances
With the impending release of the band’s new EP, Infinite Spectre, Brooklyn industrial act Statiqbloom has revealed a new music video for the track “Thin Hidden Hand” via Revolver. Created and shot in the underground tunnels of her native New York City by filmmaker, artist, and photographer Katrin Albert, the video represents the director’s “take on disorienting paranoia” [..]

Jul 2018 05

Precious Child announces U.S. tour and releases new album
Experimental musician and video artist Precious Child has released a new album, WHOLLOHW, which includes the tracks “Whole” and “The Way” from the project’s latest videos. The record explores the concepts of self, existence, and ego as technology, spurred by conversations about identity [..]

Jul 2018 05

Daniel Davies announces debut solo album
Musician and composer Daniel Davies has announced his debut solo album, titled Events Score, will be released digitally via Lakeshore Records. The eight instrumental tracks build on his collaborative work with John Carpenter on the legendary director’s Lost Themes and Anthology albums [..]

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