May 2018 10

ReGen Exclusive: Circle of Dust announces remix album, premieres The Anix remix of "Hive Mind"
First making its return in 2015, Circle of Dust – the industrial/metal hybrid by Klayton of Celldweller – has announced the release of alt_Machines, a full-length remix album following up on the project’s 2016 comeback record, Machines of Our Disgrace. Featuring a diverse range of artists and styles, from the incendiary drum & bass of Voicians, DJ Hidden, and Raizer to the pulse-pounding EBM/industrial of Blue Stahli and Sebastian Komor, and the rocking synthwave of 3FORCE and Zeromancer, alt_Machines is an aggressive remix tour de force [..]

May 2018 09

Black Tape for a Blue Girl launches Kickstarter campaign for new album, To Touch the Milky Way
Black Tape for a Blue Girl has kicked off a crowdfunding campaign for the project’s twelfth album, To Touch the Milky Way. Spanning seven all new tracks, this release features an array of styles from ethereal to austere with vocals by Danielle Herrera and Michael Plaster. Founding member Sam Rosenthal explains that the album’s “lyrical themes and stories emerge from the depths of the psyche, unflinchingly addressing a desire to feel truly alive [..]

May 2018 08

Third album from Blac Kolor announced, featuring guest spots from Haujobb and Front 242 members
From Leipzig, Germany comes Blac Kolor, the brainchild of Hendrick Grothe, now releasing his third album, titled Awakening. Showcasing the artist’s blend of darkly post-industrial soundscapes with rhythms inspired by EBM and techno and the controlled mania of IDM, Awakening may prove to be Blac Kolor’s most musically diverse and tantilizingly atmospheric record. As the artist’s first release after signing to the Hands Productions imprint, the album is especially notable for the inclusion of special guests [..]

May 2018 07

Society 1 releases ninth video from latest album, first of a two-part story spanning across albums
Continuing the band’s streak of music videos off the Rise from the Dead album, Hollywood industrial/alt. metal group Society 1 has unveiled the futuristic concept video for “No Control.” Taking place in the year 2019 and an undisclosed timeframe in the future, the video depicts a sort of mad scientist viewing through a virtual monitor what is supposedly Society 1’s final live show on January 30, 2019. Shot entirely on green screen [..]

May 2018 04

Venal Flesh unveils new track celebrating the Sith of the Old Republic
Dark EBM act Venal Flesh embraces the dark side and encourages you to do the same with a new track titled “The Sith Inquisition.” Now available as name-your-price item on Bandcamp, the Star Wars themed track is a special celebration for May 4, and in particular, “the Sith of the Old Republic.” [..]

May 2018 04

Lord of the Lost unveils first single and music video from upcoming album
Following the announcement of the band’s sixth full-length album, Thornstar, German dark/rock band Lord of the Lost has unveiled the album’s first single and music video, “On This Rock I Will Build My Church.” Front man and founder Chris Harms comments that the band “came up with something very special” in the expensive video, which was shot on VHS, inventing both “a time machine and a rejuvenation apparatus to live up to our roots and as children, somewhere between the ’80s and ’90s.” [..]

May 2018 04

Former keyboardist for The Human League to release solo album debut
Ian Burden – former keyboardist and composer for The Human League – will release his debut solo album Hey Hey Ho Hum on the Rutland Artspace Limited label. During his seven years with The Human League, Burden co-wrote some of the group’s most popular songs, including “Do Or Die,” “The Sound of the Crowd,” and “Love Action” on the #1 U.K. charting Dare album, and “Mirror Man,” which hit #2 in the U.K., before stepping back to have limited involvement with music for the last 30 years. When asked about his re-emergence after such a long hiatus, Burden explains that it was a spontaneous and unexpected turn of events [..]

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