Jul 2016 26

Hosting the ColdWaves Soundcheck podcast and directing the Rally and Sustain documentary chronicling the history of Cracknation and the legacy of Jamie Duffy, Aaron Pollak speaks with ReGen about the upcoming ColdWaves V.
ColdWaves V


An InterView with Aaron Pollak, host of the ColdWaves Soundcheck Podcast

Jul 2016 25

The Elektrik Messiahs, the AC/DC Gods, My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult invites ReGen into their perverted little world during the band’s latest tour.
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult


An InterView with Groovie Mann & Buzz McCoy of My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult

Jun 2016 14

One of several bands reuniting for the fifth annual ColdWaves festival, vocalist Marc Heal and programmer/guitarist Phil Barry of the techno/metal juggernaut of Cubanate speak with ReGen about their plans for the future.


An InterView with Marc Heal & Phil Barry of Cubanate

Jun 2016 10

Zoog Von Rock – the mastermind behind the electro/punk onslaught of Angelspit – pumps up the volume, amps up the bass, and gets down and dirty on the dance floor, inviting ReGen to participate in the Cult of Fake.


An InterView with Zoog Von Rock of Angelspit

Jun 2016 05

One of the most respected and busiest guitarists in modern music speaks with ReGen on the creation of his solo album and his upcoming endeavors.
MGT - Nichole McCall


An InterView with Mark Gemini Thwaite

Jun 2016 03

Musician, DJ, promoter, businessman, cancer survivor, Transformers nerd… Jim Semonik is a multitude of a man, one of the industrial/electro scene’s hardest working figures, speaking with ReGen about just what keeps him going.
Electronic Saviors


An InterView with Jim Semonik of Red Lokust, Rein[Forced], Distortion Productions, and Electronic Saviors

May 2016 23

The Black Queen vocalist Greg Puciato speaks with ReGen about the musical and artist concept behind the band – the evolution and rediscovery of the self.
The Black Queen


An InterView with Greg Puciato of The Black Queen

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