Aug 2013 14

Atlanta, GA, The Shelter, 07/09/2013


Another hot night in Atlanta, GA, and all the dwellers of the darkest corners of the city begin to converge upon their venue of choice, The Shelter, to see the legendary Leæther Strip and welcomed newcomers Cryogen Second. The crowd filed in early and quickly, causing the entire atmosphere to become electric and filled with the sense that something amazing was about to be witnessed. [..]

Aug 2013 14

Atlanta, GA, The Shelter, 06/04/2013


Project Pitchfork has returned to the United States. The nearly 25-year-old project teamed up yet again with the 10-year-running synthpop project Ayria along for the ride, who – like Pitchfork – is also riding on a new album release this year. The dynamic duo last toured the U.S. in 2010 and sought to expand its reach in this year’s tour, and had been going nonstop since the tour’s inception, which came to Atlanta’s industrial music center: The Shelter.


Aug 2013 14

Springfield, VA, Empire, 06/02/2013


Project Pitchfork, one of the electro/industrial scene’s longest running and most revered acts, continues to make waves with a darkly expressive and gritty audio/visual style. Ayria, on another point on the electro spectrum, garners much acclaim for a ballistic blend of bubblegum pop and gothic flair, topped off by a sleek and aggressive electronics. Together, the two hit the road earlier this year for a blazing tour that demonstrated why both acts are so beloved by todays goths and rivetheads alike. Having performed at Empire in the DC area, the dynamic duo was joined by local heroes Spider Lillies, bringing an electrified twin-guitar assault of darkened melodic force. Capturing the performance was ReGen’s own Jessica Jastrzebski, visually documenting one of the year’s most enticing tours. [..]

Aug 2013 13

Silver Spring, MD, The Fillmore, 04/30/2013


While many may lament the shift in Trent Reznor’s emphasis away from the harder edge and abrasive sounds of Nine Inch Nails toward the more melancholy and lush ambience of How to Destroy Angels, it can’t be denied that the act has garnered a significant amount of acclaim. Blending angelic melodies courtesy of vocalist Mariqueen Maandig (and sometimes Reznor), backed by the noisy constructions of Reznor, Atticus Ross, Rob Sheridan, and live member Alessandro Cortini, How to Destroy Angels may not be as angry as Nine Inch Nails, but is no less compelling in its artistry and musical intrigue. [..]

Aug 2013 13

Philadelphia, PA, Union Transfer, 04/21/2013


Capturing the blistering metal onslaught of Chicago’s CZAR and the incendiary post-punk/industrial energy of legendary Killing Joke, this photo gallery – courtesy of Katherine Gaines of Ambient Eye Photography – showcases the bands’ performance at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, PA on April 21, 2013.


Jul 2013 12

Atlanta, GA, The Loft, 05/04/2013


On May 4, the Alternative arrived in Atlanta as IAMX reached the halfway point of the band’s North American Animal Impulses tour. Fans of all styles and types and ages – as young as 8, as old as mid-80’s – circled the Loft in anticipation, slowly filing in to the darkened midtown venue as the 8:00pm start time approached. This night’s show was IAMX alone with no opening acts to tease and prolong the audience, so the excitement was high. Fans from all across the Southeast crowded the stage, waiting eagerly for the show to begin. [..]

Jul 2013 11

Atlanta, GA, The Masquerade, 03/13/2013


If you were to tell this author that Orgy was going on tour before 2013, he wouldn’t believe you. The alternative metal/death pop band from the mid ‘90s split over half a decade ago, with half the band forming the currently-touring Julien-K. But many also wouldn’t have believed that the band would release new content after so long, which is what happened with “Grime of the Century” in 2012. And now, Orgy has surprised the fans yet again with leader Jay Gordon bringing in members of Deadsy, RunRunRun, and TheStart to re-launch the band and the Wide Awake and Dead 2013 U.S. tour, featuring supporting acts Vampires Everywhere! and Davey Suicide. Despite the long absence of the decade-plus-old band, the Masquerade in Atlanta saw quite the turnout for the three band night, from the mid-teens to the mid-30’s. [..]

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