Mar 2013 20

Dallas, TX, Trees, 03/15/2013


It’s hard to last even 10 years in the music business as a band nowadays, so if you’ve been around for 29 like KMFDM has, you’re definitely doing something right. Nothing shows that more than the vast amounts of KMFDM fans found at every single one of the band’s shows. KMFDM’s music has reached countless numbers and the Ultra-Heavy Beat continues to spread. [..]

Mar 2013 20

San Francisco, CA, The Independent, 03/09/2013


While the rest of the country was battling record-breaking low temperatures and snowstorms, San Francisco was blessed with a temperate night, perfect for talking a walk to The Independent for a sold out performance by legends of the industrial scene. [..]

Feb 2013 06

New York City/Brooklyn, NY, Europa, 01/24/2013


From contributing fan Erik Kay comes a special report on one of the most anticipated and most appealing shows to sweep the underground music scene in years. Gay electronic act Hirsute Pursuit, along with noise pioneer Boyd Rice, brings its special brand of highly stylized and sexualized techno to a diverse crowd on a cold January night in New York City, making for one hot performance! [..]

Jan 2013 13

Washington, DC, 9:30 Club, 12/20/2012


On December 20, 2012, Washington, DC was laid to waste as one of the world’s most obscenely comedic and offensively cacophonous entities – GWAR – performed at the prestigious 9:30 Club. For nearly three decades, the world of music and theatre has been graced with the Richmond, Virginia band’s brand of hardcore/thrash metal, simultaneously shocking and enthralling audiences by presenting one of the most renowned stage shows yet conceived. [..]

Jan 2013 09

New York City/Brooklyn, NY, Europa, 12/07/2012


There comes a time in any artist’s career when the genre he or she helped to create evolves or mutates to such a degree that a scene is spawned, having little if anything to do with the mentality that set it into motion; by this point, said artist will usually eschew any notions of adhering to the scene, favoring the purely artistic route of simply following his or her own original path. Such can be said of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge, the enigmatic philosopher/poet/performance artist whose voice and words have become the stuff of legend with such proto-industrial luminaries as Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV. With a bevy of like-minded musical miscreants in the latter entity, P-Orridge has managed to defy not only established categories, but managed to establish a few new ones… only to defy those and settle into the oh-so-dreaded niche of the highly respected yet painfully misunderstood genius, appreciated because of/in spite of the idiosyncrasy. [..]

Dec 2012 29

Houston, TX, Reliant Arena, 10/30/2012


The Twins of Evil Tour featuring Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie should have been called the “10 Years Too Late” tour. Reliant Arena in Houston, Texas played host to the widely anticipated tour and that particular October 30 show was the fastest sell out of all the Twins of Evil stops. Hype and anticipation aside, the show didn’t deliver.


Dec 2012 29

Dallas, TX, The Church, 12/02/2012


The Holy bile known as Angelspit has been the voice of an industrial revolution since the band’s inception in 2004. In the past, they’ve shared the stage with acts such as Nitzer Ebb and KMFDM, but now, they’ve headlined their own gigs on the Wall Street Massacre Tour, bringing along MyParasites and Cyanotic with them. This oddly warm December night got even hotter when the electro madness began.


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