Jun 2015 02

Front Line Assembly - Kampfbereit <Combat-Ready> DVDFor three decades, the name of Front Line Assembly has been synonymous with underground electro/industrial music; renowned for innovative production techniques that blend cinematic soundscapes, pulsating EBM rhythms and bass lines, and aggressive yet subtly melodic song structures, Bill Leeb and his revolving door of collaborators have given voice to a generation and a style of music that remains as vital as when it first emerged in 1986. [..]

Jun 2015 02

The Fillmore, Silver Spring, MD – 05/05/2015
MINISTRY - From Beer to EternaTour


In 2009, MINISTRY embarked on the C.U.LaTour, riding on the wave of what was then purported to be the final album from the band, The Last Sucker. It perhaps might have been a fitting conclusion [..]

Jan 2015 29

At the beginning of every year, when the time for reflection on the past 12 months is still very much in the minds of many, ReGen Magazine offers its readers a list of 20 Albums voted on by the staff to be the best of the year. However, over the course of the last decade (if not longer), as the means for artists to distribute their music more directly to a wider audience, coupled with the growing demands of that audience for more music to enjoy and consume, the album as a format has taken something of a backseat to the shorter, less cumbersome EP. While not necessarily less substantive in terms of the content presented by the musicians and producers, although certainly offering less material in a shorter time for lower prices… or if not necessarily less material, as evidenced by the abundance of the still popular supplement of remixes, then less original or “new” material. Some use the EP format in lieu of the album in order to maintain a consistent and healthy outflow of material to sate the demands of the audience, releasing as many as three or four EPs in the span of a year, while others take the approach that EPs are a perfect medium to build interest – hype, if you will – in a larger and fuller presentation currently in progress. Both directions offer pragmatic alternatives to the album format to still provide the fans with more bang for their bucks, and 2014 was in no shortage of EP releases from many a prominent act.
So in a marginal change of pace, ReGen Magazine is proud to offer the Top 10 EPs of 2014 – our own shorter companion to the article celebrating the year’s best albums.

Jan 2015 28

As is customary – and perhaps inevitable – when each New Year begins, people often look back on the preceding 12 months, reflecting on the way we live our lives and on ways to improve ourselves as time progresses. Among the many ways people reminisce is in formulating lists of the best moments of the last year, and ReGen Magazine is no exception. Therefore, we are proud to present to our readers ReGen‘s Top 20 Albums of 2014, offering a helping of those albums that made a significant impact on music.
For ReGen‘s staff, it couldn’t get much better than these albums, the crème de la crème of creativity and artistic expression in industrial/goth/electro music.
We at ReGen Magazine truly hope that you enjoy our list of the Top 20 Albums of 2014.

Jul 2014 20

The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA – 05/16/2014
VNV Nation in Atlanta, 2014 by Zak Vaudo


For the past 18 years, VNV Nation has engaged the world with its live performances. This year, the progenitors of futurepop and legends of electronic music completed yet another tour, supporting its most recent album, Transnational. As with the Automatic tour, the proceedings came to a close at the legendary Masquerade in Atlanta, GA, a longtime hub for the electronic/industrial genre. [..]

Jul 2014 14

Slimelight, London, UK – 05/10/2014
iVardensphere Logo


The true ingenuity behind the return of the seminal Canadian tribal/industrial outfit iVardensphere to London is not instantly apparent. Juggernaut Service’s Nick Quarm made sure behind the scenes, however, that this wasn’t just another trivial Saturday show filled with the usual pedestrian crowd pleasers. Instead, the night’s lineup consisted of the label’s very own loud and uncompromising Tapewyrm, Cease2Xist, System: FX, and Ruinizer. This already impressive set was then extended into the early morning hours by ESA (Electronic Substance Abuse) and Mono No Aware, making for a lengthy endurance run through the genre’s most danceable, most riveting, and most abrasive soundscapes. [..]

Jul 2014 14

Corporation, Sheffield, UK – 04/18-20/2014
Resistanz Festival 2014


This year’s edition of the Resistanz Festival is now a thing of the past. But three days, a lineup of 20 acts, and countless Jäger bombs later, memories can indeed become a bit hazy. ReGen Magazine managed to attend the closing star-packed day of this rising British festival and report on the proceedings.
However, in order to provide the full scope of the event, and since no music festival could exist without the musicians that make the crowds gather and enjoy themselves, ReGen has decided to reach out to some of the artists that played at this year’s Resistanz, as well as witnessed it from under the stage.
If you are curious about what you missed, want to reminisce, or simply want to get a better sense of what was happening on the frontlines and behind the scenes of Resistanz, check out what the artists themselves recall from the industrial blur that was the Easter weekend, 2014. [..]