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Dallas, TX, The Church, 12/02/2012


The Holy bile known as Angelspit has been the voice of an industrial revolution since the band’s inception in 2004. In the past, they’ve shared the stage with acts such as Nitzer Ebb and KMFDM, but now, they’ve headlined their own gigs on the Wall Street Massacre Tour, bringing along MyParasites and Cyanotic with them. This oddly warm December night got even hotter when the electro madness began.


Philadelphia based act MyParasites got the party started with luscious aggrotech beats and scintillating synths. The harshness of Jaws’ vocals fused with the alluring siren-like synths created a danceable and stomp friendly atmosphere. MyParasites’ raw sound fits perfectly on the Wall Street Massacre. The crowd seemed to move the most when they played “Hypnosis;” rightfully so as this track embodies all the strengths of MyParasites. It’s harsh enough to mosh to but also rhythmic enough to dance to. Overall, MyParasites was an excellent choice for an opener and an act to look forward to in the future.


Cyanotic came on next and drew a better-than-average ovation from a relatively small crowd. The last time Cyanotic appeared in Dallas, the band was playing with Dismantled and Front Line Assembly – a show that worked for them as most of the audience seemed to recognize Cyanotic from that show. In this reviewer’s opinion, Cyanotic’s appearance with Angelspit was actually much better than their appearance with FLA, which was heavily laced with drum & bass tracks. This time out, the set was much more industrial/metal. Having a live drummer and a live guitarist just brings in an element to an industrial show that laptops can’t always provide. Cyanotic doesn’t look like an industrial band, which Cyanotic front man Sean admits, but they proved that looks are just for show and the music is what matters. This was showcased strongly in the song “F@5h10n V1k+um5” – the sexy thudding beats mixed with grinding guitar work really picked up the crowd. Cyanotic seems like they’re on the verge of being a definitive headlining act.


Finally, the headliners from Australia took the stage. Angelspit’s decision to go from a duo to full four-piece band was the right decision, looking more complete and giving vocalists DestroyX and Zoog freedom to be wilder. However, what was supposed to be a good industrial show really turned into a great punk show. Technical difficulties with the samples hindered the earlier segment of the show, but Zoog and company fought through it and when the backing tracks weren’t there, the guitar and drums took over and still made the songs sound good. Just imagine songs such as “Vena Cava” and “Kill Kitty” done by the Sex Pistols – it was actually a problem that turned into damn good music. Once the samples were functional, Angelspit seemed to feed off the intensity and anxiousness from the audience. Tracks like “Toxic Girl,” “100%,” “Maggot” and “Like It, Lick It” sent fans from light bouncing and singing to straight up shoving and screaming.


Overall, this was the most enthusiastic Angelspit performance Dallas may have seen. The band seems to have found its niche and the growth into a full band has helped tremendously. Unfortunately, it seems that every show in Dallas has been ridden with technical difficulties. Once those issues are subtracted, Angelspit will be one of the strongest touring forces industrial has to offer.

Grant V. Ziegler (GVZ)





    Angelspit – “Kill Kitty”

Video by Lüke Haughwout (Mechanical_Harvest) – taken at Cybertron, New York City, NY, 11/10/2012

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  1. filip de bruyne says:

    Cyanotic is one of those bands(next to Rabbit Junk, Chemlab, Acumen Nation, Skrew, Left Spine Down,…)i wanna see play live in Belgium someday.These guys rock my socks off.I love the US Coldwave scene.
    Angelspit i’ve seen live before.I even spoke to Zoog personally in London, England.They are one of the leading bands in the present cyberpunk scene.But they can’t amount to a band like Punish Yourself so far.PY made some genius albums, Angelspit to me have a limited amount of good songs.There’s only one song, for as far i can recall,that stands out against the rest of their body of work.It’s “A La Mode, A La Mort”, a song(from the “Krankhaus” album)they don’t play live.Too bad.

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