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Atlanta, GA, The Shelter, 11/30/2012


A chilly night in Atlanta, GA sets the stage for Cyanotic, MyParasites, and headliners Angelspit to storm The Shelter with crushing beats, screeching guitars, and wild vocal melodies and screams like never before. The atmosphere around Atlanta’s dark club dwelling was electric and with the crowd buzzing around, socializing, and buying merchandise as the house DJ indulged them with industrial and electronica, the party seemed to have begun before the first act even took the stage.


In the midst of this atmosphere, MyParasites took the stage first and brought the crowd to the front of the stage. Though seemingly a relative unknown by most in attendance, MyParasites was able to get the crowd screaming throughout the set as the band ripped through tracks such as “ParaNoid,” “Manipulator,” and standout track “Disease on the Dance Floor.” After leaving the crowd restless and starving for more, MyParasites exits having entranced the crowd significantly.


No rest was in sight for the lively people at The Shelter as a few minutes later Cyanotic took the stage and the energy in the air picked up even further. Vocalist Sean Payne stepped to the front of the stage and seemed laid back, until the music began and he sprang to life like a battery had been injected into his back. With commanding stage presence and masterful use of vocal samples from movies and television shows, Cyanotic raged through a host of notable songs such as “Transhuman,” “(Paranoid) Disbelief,” “F@5h10n V1k+um5,” and “Sensory Overload.” Cyanotic injected the entire crowd with a heavy dose of adrenaline and by the end of the set, everyone was dancing, cheering or – in most cases – both, leaving The Shelter with a lasting mark.


Following both openers wouldn’t be easy as the crowd was even more restless and salivating for the next performance, but the wait wasn’t long before Angelspit invaded the stage as well as the minds of everyone in attendance. The familiar electronic sounds of “Grind” opened up the set as Zoog and DestroyX took to the vocal duties; the crowd joined as everyone was singing and dancing along. From song to song, Angelspit pushed the audience from lively and energetic to wild and completely out of control as there was no slowing down, no silence, and no rest. Running the gauntlet of standout material from each of their releases, Angelspit left no stone unturned and hit every mark with tracks such as fan favorites “Skinny Little Bitch,” “Vena Cava,” “100%,” and “Defibrillator.” The band also tore through other pulse pounding tracks such as “Maggot” (during which they were briefly joined by Cyanotic vocalist Sean Payne), “Wreak Havoc,” “Fuck the Revolution,” “Ditch the Rest,” “Toxic Girl,” “Static,” “Like It, Lick It,” “Kill Kitty”, and “Wolf.” Afterwards, the crowd cheered and screamed and yelled for a long appreciation of all three bands as each act gave the crowd a great show. If there was any doubt of any of the bands by anyone, this show would have silenced all concerns.

Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)
Photographs by Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)





    Angelspit – “Static”

Video by Lüke Haughwout (Mechanical_Harvest) – taken at Cybertron, New York City, NY, 11/10/2012

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