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Atlanta, GA, The Shelter 09/16/2011


September 2011: post-industrial artist Android Lust teamed up with grindcore act Roughhausen and industrial rock trio I, Parasite for the Viscerex Complex tour across the United States. Right around the middle of the tour circuit, the industrial triad made their way into Atlanta, stopping at The Shelter, the city’s dark and gothic back-corner. Dark was definitely the theme that night, both in musical style and diminishing stage light, but sound overwhelmed sight once the bands took to the stage.

I, Parasite kicked off the night with their heavy rock/industrial sound backed by a solid lightshow. The trio’s harsh and gritty sound was a strong start to the night, filling the room with heavy drums, rolling bass, and cutting vocals. Front man and band co-founder Christopher Jon took the full responsibility of commanding the stage, spitting out the lyrics to songs new – “Obsessive Repulsive” and “The Stone Doctor” – and older – “Child for Our Amusement” and “Spoke” – at blazing speed, with raging guitar, bass, and drums following. The band had a short set, rounding out their time with “A Faceless Man,” but they had pumped up the growing crowd for the rest of the night.


After a bit of down time with the house DJs spinning music for the dance floor, the members of I, Parasite took to the stage again. There was some confusion, but then the lights dimmed and Android Lust herself (Shikhee) took to the stage with I, Parasite as the live backing band for the tour. As the crowd pushed forward toward the stage, the masked Shikhee crooned her melodies over the pulsating and dark music. The members of I, Parasite adapted well to the sudden change in style, supporting Android Lust perfectly. The band performed such hits as “Dragonfly,” “The Body,” “Kingdom of One,” and “Unbeliever.” It could have been the softness of Shikhee’s voice or that the backing music was too loud, but the vocals were very muddy at sporadic points in the set. For half the show, the lights were very dim, dampening the audience’s sight on the band and allowing for more focus on the auditory element. At one point in the set, the band broke into a cover of the Bauhaus classic “Slice of Life;” a cover that according to sources connected with the band they came up with only hours before the show during sound check. And after a solid 12 song set, Android Lust was called back out by a demanding audience for an encore, to which they delivered an acoustic rendition of the track “Refuse.” Android Lust finally exited the stage to a standing ovation.


To round out the night, grindcore duo Roughhausen stormed the stage. Their stage show consisted of one man on electronics/keys and the front man on guitar and (heavily distorted) vocals. Additionally, there was extremely minimal lighting, and backing the entire show was a projector screen of video effects mixed with what appeared to be porn scenes. Unfortunately, the gritty, rough sounds and appearance of the band did not appeal to the crowd; almost the entire audience left The Shelter by the second song. Roughhausen performed an excellent instrumental industrial/dance number in addition to their hardcore aggrorock sound, but after four or five songs and a near-empty room, the band called it quits for the night; a disappointing end to a strong show. Hopefully, Roughhausen received a stronger response in other cities to make up for this.


Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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