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Washington, DC, The Ultra Bar, 10/07/2012


Its difficult to asses the quality of any event based on anything other than the enjoyment felt by those in attendance. This is particularly true of specialty events like those hosted by The Metro Underground, a consortium based in Washington, DC for the alternative, underground, and adult scene. Among those events is the annual DC Fetish Ball, hosted by Richard A.D. and featuring a mélange of music, fashion, and carnal activity and experience, allowing people from all walks of life and from across the underground spectrum to engage in and enjoy the more exotic things in life. A regular staple of the Ultra Bar on F Street in NW DC, a club encompassing three levels to provide the maximum amount of activity, this years ball was held on Columbus Day weekend to allow many attendees the option to indulge in their fetishistic desires well past sunrise.


The doors technically opened at 9:00pm, though it seemed that most of the patrons hadn’t really started to drift in until a half hour after that; and even then, it took a good hour for the festivities to hit a stride that would only grow in intensity until the night’s end. On the main club level, the thumping beats of hard electro and EBM pounded from DJs Mindcage, Dirty B, and Vlad as the spacious Ultra Bar soon turned into a lavish and luscious exhibition of decadence. Fishnets, vinyl, and leather abounded with copious amounts of bare flesh to boot; and that’s just from the guests. As the main floor for the fashion show and erotic performances, the club level is perhaps the most public and least lascivious of the three floors, with the Cirque du Soleil inspired display of the duo known as Intimacy being especially noteworthy. From an aesthetic standpoint, the pair put on an impressive show of athleticism and seductive energy, as Roma Mafia later unleashed her prowess with a delectable helping of burlesque. Of course, the highlight of the club level is the fashion show, featuring the work of such designers as Renee Masoomian, Psydde Delicious, and Passional Boutique to name a few. As with any runway exhibition, the models – both male and female – did well to induce just the right amount of liveliness as they presented the diverse range of fetish wear, from just a touch of conservative to pushing the limits of daring. The Mezzanine level overlooking the main ballroom added to the view and the enjoyment with body painting and bottle service for the voyeuristic connoisseur dedicated to observing the proceedings from slightly above the main floor.


Upon the second and third floors were where the ball allowed for the crowd to let loose, offering numerous possibilities for sexy play. On the second floors Lifestyle Lounge, A fixture of the DC adult scene, D~X~S Rapture is well known for the extensive dungeon setup of play/torture racks, with plenty of whippings and spankings to go around from the likes of Mistress Tyler and Madam Ember, while SLYX’s Vac-Bed provided a delightful spectacle for several participants. Of course, as the night wore on, it would become nearly impossible to find an area of free space, bringing the temperature up to add to the erotic heat that permeated throughout. It was on the third levels Circus Maximus where one could appreciate some of the more extreme displays of carnal indulgence, from full body suspension and Sybian to Shibari/rope play and violet wand by Dark Electric, all set to a pulsating soundtrack of ambient drum & bass and dubstep courtesy of DJ Cosmo; in this writers opinion, some of the best music coming through the speakers all night, providing a wonderful accompaniment for the night’s proceedings. As on the second floor, by the time the night was in full swing (pun partially intended), bodily movement was difficult as people would be rubbing against each other whether they wanted to or not. The club was that packed; the one downside to the event if one suffers from claustrophobia.


Given such a high attendance and the succulent amount of entertainment, its fair to say that the 2012 edition of the annual DC Fetish Ball was a success. Much credit should go to Richard A.D. as a host, taking even the briefest moment to engage and entertain and express his appreciation to every patron. Whether your fancy be to stand by and watch intently or to dive in and participate in the pleasure and play with the pain, or even if you just want to dance to some gritty and grinding hard electro music, the DC Fetish Ball makes for a dynamic party that one would do well not to miss the next year.


Ilker Yücel (Ilker81x)
Photographs by Johnny B Photography (
Courtesy of The Metro Underground (


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