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Seattle, WA, El Corazon, 04/11/2014
Mindless Self Indulgence - by Kaley Nelson, Live in Los Angeles, 2014


Mindless Self Indulgence has been traveling the USA for what the band recently announced was one final tour before taking a long hiatus. MSI has been busy the last couple of years with US and UK tours, a successful Kickstarter campaign, and the latest release of How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence. Despite all this, fans were eager for more from the derisive electro/punk group and no one wanted to miss seeing the band before the long break; certainly not the Seattle fans who packed El Corazon on the night of April 11.


The Iris opened the show, with Seattle being the act’s second stop on the tour, having joined on in Tempe, Arizona, though the fairly polished sound would indicate that the band has been playing for a number of years. With certain tracks reminiscent of Marilyn Manson’s Mechanical Animals era and the soulful stylings of the vocalist, The Iris could draw in a crowd in. The songs had good hooks, dark tones, and catchy choruses; listeners could definitely hear the Joy Division and Nine Inch Nail influences. The Iris certainly has all the makings to be a successful goth/industrial band and it will be interesting to see how the act progresses.


Despite this being the band’s first Seattle show, the already impatient crowd responded very well to Death Valley High’s upbeat, horror rock & roll vibe, full of an energy that the crowd fed on. The heavier rock covers of “Dancing with Myself” and “Fuck the Pain Away” were really well done and entertaining. The band’s charismatic vocalist, Reyka Osburn interacted with the crowd well and even took pictures from the stage as the audience moshed, danced, and even crowd surfed throughout Death Valley High’s set. It was truly an impressive exchange of energies between a new band and the audience, with the other members of the band stating that Seattle was one of the best crowds.


MSI opened with a bang! Immediately, the loyal and rambunctious fans pushed forward to the stage in a frenzy – singing, dancing, moshing, and crowd surfing along. The band’s interactions were very delightful to watch and it was clear that vocalist Jimmy Urine, guitarist Steve Righ?, bassist Lyn Z, and drummer Kitty were having a good time on this How I Learned to Stop Giving a Shit and Love Mindless Self Indulgence tour. They played loud and fiercely and their hungry fans couldn’t get enough. Jimmy Urine had previously announced that at every show, each band mate would get a slot in the set list for his or her choice. Interestingly, each band member picked a track from Frankenstein Girls, which really did keep the set list varied between older and newer songs. Urine’s crowd interactions and stage antics ever present, he could be seen jumping on Kitty’s drums, dry humping a structural pole located onstage, and even wrote a “Coldplay song” with the crowd. He kept his showmanship rude and lewd, which is exactly what everyone expects and loves him for. At one point, Urine even crowd surfed to the merchandise booths, bought a shirt, and got back onstage, wearing it.


Each MSI show has historically been unique, high energy, and entertaining and this stop in Seattle stayed true to that despite it nearing the end of the tour. It was certainly a great experience that no fan should’ve missed and the audience will certainly be anxiously waiting for MSI’s return.


Corinne De La Coeur (DarkIvyException)
Photography by Kaley Nelson (KaleyNelson) – Los Angeles, 2014/04/15, courtesy of Kaley Nelson Photography


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