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Terminal West, Atlanta, GA, 2013/11/04
KMFDM - Live in Baltimore, 2013


A chilly night in Atlanta, GA did not stop a rampant amount of energy from flowing through the air toward Terminal West, the site where industrial veterans KMFDM and relative newcomers CHANT were preparing to unleash complete destruction onstage.


The fun began almost immediately as CHANT front man Bradley Bills fired up his drums and began to light up the crowd with his tribal-infused industrial rage while his dynamic movements and facial expressions captured everyone’s attention. Making beautiful noise with just about anything that can be drummed on without restraint, CHANT held the captive audience with tracks like “Revolt,” “Hope,” “Need,” and the always epic “Blood+Peace.” Through pure energy and raw talent, CHANT made the audience pay attention and take notice leaving the already stunned and ravenous crowd wanting more once the band was done.


The headlining veterans KMFDM took the stage shortly after and the excited crowd exploded as soon the band’s presence was known. Standing front and center, “Käpt’n K” with his attention demanding style and Lucia with her stalking, almost predatory animal-like charisma began leading the crowd through a massive catalog of tracks with newer songs like “KUNST,” “Ave Maria,” “Animal Out,” and “Pussy Riot.” Alongside the newer tracks were older fan favorites like “Free Your Hate,” “Tohuvabohu,” and “A Drug Against War,” keeping the audience on its toes, never knowing just what to expect. After a rampaging set, fans belted out a 10 minute chant of “KMFDM SUCKS,” bringing the band back out for an encore and treating the crowd to “D.I.Y.,” “Megalomaniac,” and “Anarchy,” leaving everyone exhausted but well fed on a buffet of loud, beautiful noise and raucous voices.


Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)
Photography by Jessica Jastrzebski (JJastrz) – Baltimore, 2013/11/02



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  1. Käpt'n C says:

    This show was awesome, from beginning to end, KMFDM always delivers, and seeing them twice in one year was the best thing ever. \m/

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