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GoFight - Turn It Up
Some would argue that in the digital age with the proliferation of social media and other online means of communication, the world has ironically become more disconnected than ever as human beings interact less in person and more through computer screens and technology. Others take a more optimistic viewpoint that people are now more interconnected than ever, with friendships and associations spanning all points on the globe and encouraging the imperative for true emotional, spiritual, and physical bonds to be established and nurtured.

GoFight - Turn It Up
Artist/musician Jim Marcus is just such a person, along with his cohorts in Chicago electroscuzz act GoFight. In this statement – included with the latest GoFight single, Turn It Up, out now on Pulseblack – Marcus addresses these interpersonal connections and the role we all play, not just as artist and audience, but as people living in 2014.


At the beginning of 2014, it’s clear that social media can do so much that we need done. If we take a look at who’s online on Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter, at any time of the day or night, it’s clear that the social media world never goes to sleep. Any time of the day or night, there is someone there.

And they really are there. Every one of these people (who aren’t bots) are real, feeling, caring people. And it’s easy to forget that. In the middle of the night, when you feel alone, you aren’t. And that may be the greatest gift that social media has to offer.

We can all be sarcastic and biting, edgy and cool sometimes, but when someone we care about hurts or kills himself or herself, we all do the same thing lately: We look at the time. Was I awake? Was I there? Why didn’t they reach out to me? Didn’t they know?

What we are asking people to do is exactly what they do now. Ask one of these people, “If you could have your friend back, would you be willing to spend two hours tonight talking to them, or answer a few emails, or send them a picture, or brainstorm with them tonight how to solve a problem?” Would they be willing to be on that team? The answer is always yes. We’ve seen it in emails, in real life, in status messages, in tweets, all over. It’s true.

So to all the people on our team, we want to make the truth more visible. The GoFight Turn It Up extended digital single is free to download as “compassionware” to anyone who posts the following in their Facebook status or does something similar in Twitter:

If you are on my friends’ list here, that means you are my friend. You probably see my picture on your newsfeed every day. And I know that sometimes, no matter how many friends someone has, no matter how many little pictures they see on newsfeeds, they can hit that one day that’s just worse than all the others; a day where you can’t come up with a good reason to go on. I hope you know that I’m here on that day, too, and I’m not just a picture to you. And if you really can’t think of a reason to go on, please, please, message me and I promise you we’ll find one together.

For anyone else who can say this, believe it, and mean it, GoFight’s new single Turn It Up is available for free download for posting this as your Facebook status and letting other people know that you are there. (http://gofight.bandcamp.com).

Feel free to skip the second paragraph if you don’t care for the song or don’t want to feel promotional. It’s just our way to reward people for putting the truth out there, and it’s the least we can do. In fact, if you like, substitute something that you are giving away – a song, anything. Just make sure it’s something you made and have rights to.

And no, we aren’t scraping Facebook APIs, and the social graph to make sure people comply. This is all on the honor system. All songs are covered by a Creative Commons license, which, if you don’t know much about, are certainly worth looking into.

We don’t think that this solves all the problems, not by a long shot. But maybe one or two more people see your status and remember your name for later. You are there.

Jim Marcus
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