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The Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK, 2013/11/18
Gary Numan - Live in Brighton, UK, 2013


Gary Numan – one of the most influential performers in modern music, and one of the few to successfully transition from early new wave beginnings into the darker territories of industrial rock. Since the mid ’90s, Numan’s bleakly atmospheric, guitar-driven music has touched on themes far more introspective and anti-religious, though he has remained a pioneering voice in electronic music for more than three decades. With this year’s release of Splinter (Songs from a Broken Mind), reportedly his highest charting album since 1983, Numan embarked on a tour of the UK with plans to continue into Israel and Europe in 2014. Here, ReGen is proud to feature this contribution from Jimmy Barnes and photographer Gem Redford covering Numan’s performance at the Brighton Dome.


After listening to the new album, I could tell I was going to enjoy seeing Gary perform for the Splinter tour. Keeping in line with his most recent sound but also bringing something new to it, the album is one you can happily listen to right through without any need to skip tracks. The scenes painted by the dark yet somehow uplifting songs are deep and full of intricacies you don’t always notice the first time around.


With ‘epic’ band Losers supporting and giving a brilliant performance, the gig was off to a great start. The closing song, “Azan”was a superb mixture of light strings, deep grinding synth, and heavy guitar and is definitely one people should check out if they consider themselves a fan of Numan. The lights went out and the music began to build as Splinter was spelt out in huge letters, the drummer and keyboardist on top of the stage-length LED rig. With full force, the band played several tracks with Numan giving it his all and proving beyond a doubt he is still a great showman and definitely deserving of the reputation “Godfather of Electronica.”Gary himself was clearly enjoying the gig as midway he cracked a rare smile while interacting with Steve Harris on Bass. After belting out classics such as “Metal,””Films,”and “I Die You Die,”his adoring fans were eager for more of his back catalog. “Down in the Park”got a great reaction from the crowd, followed up by “Love Hurts Bleed”from Splinter. “Here in the Black”was haunting and heavy and prepared the crowd for some more tracks off the new album.


At 11:00pm, he thanked his fans and said his goodbyes. The entire crowd knowing he would be back; he had not performed “Cars”yet. After a few minutes of their “Numaaan”chanting, he returned to perform his classic hit, followed up with a beautiful piano version of “Are Friends Electric?.”His final track “My Last Day”was a fitting end to a wonderful night.


Jimmy Barnes (JimmyBarnes)
Photographs by Gem Redford, courtesy of Gem Redford Photography


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