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END: the DJEND: the DJ tours internationally and releases original music and compilations on the Nilaihah Records and CircuitHeads digital labels with future releases this year in Germany. END also does music networking for VampireFreaks.com and is the mastermind behind the Industrial Club Sessions releases – live mixes broadcast on Sanctuary Radio, EBM-Radio, and posted on MixCloud where END features the latest and newest music through various labels, artists, and promotional services.
Here, END: the DJ unveils his Top 10 choices for new music for the month of May, 2013!


  1. Stahlnebel & Black Selket – “Dead Silence”
    Advoxya Records
    “The song is a masterpiece; wait until you hear the first break and chorus on this monster! To be released later this year.”

  3. Terrolokaust – “Falling Away from Me”
    Vendetta Music

  5. Hope Estheim – “Sleepwalking Societies” (feat. Redux)
    CRL Studios
    “Hope Estheim’s EP sticks with listeners and this track is still making others take notice.”

  7. Juno Reactor – “Trans Siberian”
    Metropolis Records
    All of Juno Reactor’s new album is fantastic; this song is merely one of the many gems.”

  9. Snog – “Everything Is Under Control”
    Metropolis Records
    “Snog… damn it! That track can’t leave my brain; it’s so catchy.”

  11. Skinny Puppy – “ParagUn”
    Metropolis Records
    “Skinny Puppy’s new album is simply pure awesomeness; this track reminds you that this legendary act is still at the top of its game.”

  13. Karl Hyde – “Cut Clouds” (Figures Remix)
    Universal Records
    “Karl Hyde (from Underworld) – his new solo album is very thoughtful, and this remix is sure to stick with listeners as it did with me.”

  15. DYM – “NWO”
    Vendetta Music
    “Simply put, DYM is back; we missed them!”

  17. Centhron – “Daugr”
    Dark Dimensions Label Group

  19. Torul – “Mad World”
    Infacted Recordings
    “Torul’s sinister cover of the ‘80s classic is very distinctive and beckons you to check it out on the band’s latest album!”


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  1. Jamie Nova says:

    As DYM’s parent label, you confused even me there… “NOW”? What track’s that, I thought…
    Then I realised: you mean “NWO”….
    A logical error, I guess…especially if using Spellcheck :-p

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