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Atlanta, GA, The Shelter, 08/28/12


The Shelter is one of the premiere spots in Atlanta for all things goth, industrial, electronic, and more. The venue is typically alive with activity, but August 28 sported one of the larger crowds the venue has seen thanks to the arrival of electronic/synthpop sensations Covenant, touring with electro-pop act The Break Up. Covenant last toured the U.S. in full in 2006, and the crowd was well overdue for the band’s return. The Break Up and Covenant are an interesting matchup as their sounds differ from each other greatly, but it gave something for everyone that night.


The Break Up took the stage to start the night and dominated the club, performing tracks such as “Lightning,” “Who’s Crying Now,” “Guillotine,” “Choke,” and more. The band’s blend of heavy industrial and light ’80s style pop is an interesting and intriguing mix and was a stark change from the music to come. The Break Up did a fantastic job keeping the audience engaged and energized, even when a small fistfight broke out in the front row (causing singer SeVerina to question “Are we monkeys or people?”). But even the recklessness of a few in the crowd couldn’t slow the band’s momentum.


The stage cleared and the room filled with smoke and light. Strains of electronics rang out and Covenant gradually took the stage, flowing into “Monochrome” as they came. Covenant powered the crowd up with old and new, moving from “Bullet” to “Judge of My Domain” to “20HZ,” asking the audience questions such as “What do you feel” and “Who do you want to be tomorrow” as they went. Covenant hung to the works of the past six years a good deal, performing “Kairos,” “The Beauty and the Grace,” “Wir Sind die Nacht,” and “Ritual Noise,” but still made sure to throw back further to songs such as “Like Tears in Rain” and “Stalker” as well.


Eskil and the band had a surprise for the audience after their performance of “Stalker,” bringing Shelter promoter and DJ Bobby Creech to the stage so that he could propose to his girlfriend (now fiancée) Maggie in front of the crowd (she said yes, by the way). Eskil congratulated the two, asking them to send him a postcard in five years to tell him how the couple is doing. “I LOVE love,” Eskil proclaimed to the audience before the band launched into an encore of “Lightbringer” and rolling into “Call the Ships to Port.” After exiting the stage, Covenant was called back for yet another encore, consisting of “Happy Man,” “Theremin,” “Dead Stars,” and “One World One Sky” before finally calling it a night.


Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)
Photographs by Mandi Martini (Mandi_Martini) – taken in New York City, 08/15/2012


The Break Up


    Covenant – “20 Hz”

    Covenant – “The Beauty and the Grace”

    The Break Up – “My Machine”

    The Break Up – “Synthesis”

Video by Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

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