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Atlanta, GA, The Shelter, 06/13/2012


It was a dark and rainy night in Atlanta, Georgia, and on June 13, Aesthetic Perfection, German electro/industrial duo [X]-Rx, and industrial rockers BlakOpz descended upon The Shelter, the house of all things dark and gothic in the south, for the All Cities Destroyed tour. Destruction was apparent throughout the night as all three bands brought vicious energy during every song and the hot crowd made the performances that much more lively. Even in the shadowed environment of The Shelter, everyone and every sound was full of life and fire.


Up first was BlakOpz, starting the night off with their harsh, raging vocals and heavy industrial sound. As M. Weir (known also as Mindbender) managed the decks and controls, front man Alex King (a.k.a. Kill the Alex) ripped apart the stage with his throaty, shouting vocals. The bass ripped apart the walls and the hard synths bounced off the ears of the crowd as they all got pumped and waved their hands for songs such as “Hell Inside,” “Domino,” and “March of the Unknown,” playing a fantastic opener to an already excited and restless crowd clamoring for more.


Almost immediately up next was [X]-Rx and the two man team was insanely charismatic and grabbed the crowd as soon as they took the stage, opening their set with a song appropriately named “Welcome to the Show.” With tons of crowd participation and an up-tempo set of tracks, both members of [X]-Rx – CyReX and Sine-X – each took a microphone and shared vocal duties throughout such songs as “Blood on the Dance Floor,” “The Update,” “Hit the Drum,” and “Hard Bass Hard Soundz.” Throughout the performance, [x]-Rx continued to command the crowd who loved every minute of their show. In short, [x]-Rx absolutely stole the show.


After a short set by The Shelter’s house DJ, DJ Ghost, headliners Aesthetic Perfection proceeded to attack the stage with an unparalleled presence. Though playing without their live keyboardist, Aesthetic Perfection himself (Daniel Graves) shot out his vocals and stepped across the stage, taking the audience’s full attention, everyone dancing and singing along. Going from slow singing and ambient to high energy and up-tempo, Aesthetic Perfection led the crowd through fan favorites “The Siren” and “Spit It Out,” as well as tracks from new album All Beauty Destroyed. After wearing the crowd out, Aesthetic Perfection was called out for an encore in which the band ripped through “Living the Wasted Life,” concluding the night after another fantastic showing.


Ovis Terrell Ross (TreverAeonIO)
Photographs by Zak Vaudo (Chaostar)

Aesthetic Perfection



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