ReGen Magazine, since its founding in March 2002, remains a leader in exhaustive, comprehensive coverage of the electronic music community

Our goal was, is, and always will be to provide the best possible coverage to the most talented, visionary, and creative artists, free from the trappings of scene politics and selfish or third-party interests. During the last 10 years, we have established ourselves as an unbiased voice to be reckoned with and our reputation as the definitive source for everything in the realm of goth, electro, and industrial music is still unchallenged.

As we continue to evolve ā€“ now offering daily News, DJ Sessions, and InterViews with some of the most celebrated artists ā€“ we would like to offer your company an advertising space that could effectively allow you to reach out to ever growing base of readers, musicians, and labels.

We now offer two advertising options:

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Both prices are per month from the day the advertisement goes live. You can be sure that each and every ad will reach the devoted audience of all things alternative and will help us to provide even more content to ReGenerate your minds.

For more information, to book an ad or to discuss booking space for a period of more than one moth at discounted price, please contact

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