May 2016 02

The maestros of machine rock return from a thankfully not-quite-permanent hiatus, as Eric Powell and Erik Gustafson initiate the third wave of 16volt with a new album, The Negative Space, in the works!


An InterView with Eric Powell & Erik Gustafson of 16volt

May 2016 02

Neon Shudder to release cyberpunk concept albumPhiladelphia electronic act Neon Shudder, after a series of pay-what-you-want releases on Bandcamp, will be releasing its debut full-length album Cadence on June 7. The instrumental album is a concept record, acting as a soundtrack companion to a 100+ page PDF novella, written by Neon Shudder’s JHM [..]

May 2016 02

First EP from new Terrance Zdunich production now available for pre-orderNow available for pre-order is I. Dawn, the first EP from American Murder Song, the latest production from Terrance Zdunich, creator and star of Repo! The Genetic Opera and The Devil’s Carnival. A collection of original murder ballads, written by and startring Zdunich and co-composer Saar Hendelman, and taking place in 1816 America [..]

Apr 2016 29

The singularity has come and gone, and Fear Factory is the soundtrack to a brave new world where the lines between man and machine no longer apply. Read on as guitarist Dino Cazares touches on the band’s history during the Demanufacture 20th Anniversary tour!
Fear Factory


An InterView with Dino Cazares of Fear Factory

Apr 2016 28

Filter front man to score new Jim Carrey movieRichard Patrick – front man for alt./industrial/rock band Filter – has been slated to compose the score for True Crimes, an upcoming dramatic thriller to star Jim Carrey. This marks Patrick’s first time as the primary composer for a movie score, having contributed numerous Filter tracks to several high profile Hollywood productions, and performing guitar on the soundtrack to Repo! The Genetic Opera. [..]

Apr 2016 23

Angelspit - Cult of FakeAngelspit
Category: Electro / Punk / Dance
Album: Cult of Fake
Stars: 4.5
Blurb: With a greater emphasis on melodic hooks and dance beats, Angelspit continues to forge its own path, sounding like no other band, and managing to infuse a little fun along the way.


Apr 2016 22

Still one of modern music’s most revered and reviled figures, Al Jourgensen discusses with ReGen his new lease on life and music with the debut of his latest booze and pot fueled musical venture, Surgical Meth Machine!
Surgical Meth Machine


An InterView with Al Jourgensen of Surgical Meth Machine