Sep 2018 16

El Club, Detroit, MI – 08/22/2018


10 years have passed since the last live show from Godflesh in Detroit; we were starting to think we may be cursed to never see them set foot onstage again, with previous booked gigs getting canceled at the last minute. But, here we are at the El Club in Detroit for the return of the grindcore/industrial masters, Godflesh. [..]

Sep 2018 15

Fishhead Cantina, Halethorpe, MD – 08/03/2018


It can truly be said that Julien-K is one of this generation’s great success stories. Blending electronic, alternative rock, and pop stylings into a musical sound that is as classic as it is modern, the band continues to showcase an ever evolving visual aesthetic that recalls the fashion forward attitudes of Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. Through numerous crowdfunding campaigns, the Julien-K fanbase has proven to be one of the most loyal and supportive in today’s music scene [..]

Sep 2018 15

Aftershock, Merriam, KS – 07/13/2018


Just before the band kicked off its stint as the opening act for the Revolution 3 Tour, Julien-K performed a handful of headlining shows, one of which occurred in Merriam, KS, on the western part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The show also doubled as a local music showcase, with a diverse mix of new, old, and some returning bands. [..]

Sep 2018 13

Ego Likeness
One of the goth/industrial scene’s most revered and prolific acts, Ego Likeness has announced dates for the upcoming Dead Cities U.S. Tour, with special guests Abbey Death and on select dates, an acoustic set by Caroline Blind. ReGen Magazine is privileged to be named a co-sponsor of this tour celebrating the band’s latest album, Songs From a Dead City. [..]

Sep 2018 13

The names of Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins are practically etched into the minds of underground alternative, post-punk, and gothic rock fans – as two of the founding members of Bauhaus, they helped to lay the groundwork for the darker atmospheres that have pervaded every aspect of the scene for 40 years. [..]

Sep 2018 13

My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult continues 30th Anniversary tour for East Coast run in Spring
For any band to last three years is something of an accomplishment, but My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult has last three decades – no small feat, even for one of the most enduring and beloved acts in the underground industrial scene. One of the staples of the WaxTrax! era, Thrill Kill Kult is beloved for the band’s raunchy and raucous blend of funk-inspired bass lines and dance grooves with a decidedly outsider visual and lyrical aesthetic that blends satire, Satanism, and sleaze into a singularly surreal concoction. Celebrating 2018 with the 30th Anniversary Show Tour earlier this year [..]

Sep 2018 12

VNV Nation returns to Metropolis with tenth studio album, world tour
VNV Nation, one of the underground electronic scene’s most enduring acts, returns with the tenth studio album, titled Noire. Marking the band’s first studio album in five years, after 2013’s Transnational, Noire showcases 13 tracks over 70+ minutes; Ronan Harris produced the record in his home studio in Hamburg, Germany, decribing it as a “dark and intense energy that doesn’t hold back.” [..]

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