May 2018 13

Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss SpunChelsea Wolfe
Category: Experimental / Doom / Gothic
Album: Hiss Spun
Blurb: Like Godflesh covering Hank Williams or Death in June cranking the amplifiers to 11, Chelsea Wolfe’s fifth studio album presents her ever poignant songwriting with some of her most sonically experimental work yet.


May 2018 13

Exit Eden - Rhapsodies in BlackExit Eden
Category: Symphonic Metal
Album: Rhapsodies in Black
Blurb: Exit Eden sets out to prove that even the most saccharine pop ballads can be reworked into metal masterpieces.


May 2018 12

Highline Bar, Seattle, WA – 05-02-2018


On May 2, 2018, Ali Mojallal and the Highline Bar launched the biggest industrial festival that Seattle has seen – the 10 Year Anniversary of Mechanismus, MechFest! Although this writer has played the Highline with Murder Weapons a few times and has been to shows there, I have never seen the place so jam packed with a line down the stairs and winding down Broadway. [..]

May 2018 11

The Roxy, Kansas City, MO – 04-11-2018


It was one of the warmest days we’ve had this year in the Midwest, making it a beautiful night for a concert. [..]

May 2018 10

The Riot Room, Kansas City, MO – 04-21-2018


The Riot Room has long been one of this writer’s favorite venues in Kansas City and this was not his first time seeing 3TEETH there, although this was his first time seeing supporting act Street Sect and co-headliner Ho99o9 for the Lights Out America Tour. [..]

May 2018 10

ReGen Exclusive: Circle of Dust announces remix album, premieres The Anix remix of "Hive Mind"
First making its return in 2015, Circle of Dust – the industrial/metal hybrid by Klayton of Celldweller – has announced the release of alt_Machines, a full-length remix album following up on the project’s 2016 comeback record, Machines of Our Disgrace. Featuring a diverse range of artists and styles, from the incendiary drum & bass of Voicians, DJ Hidden, and Raizer to the pulse-pounding EBM/industrial of Blue Stahli and Sebastian Komor, and the rocking synthwave of 3FORCE and Zeromancer, alt_Machines is an aggressive remix tour de force [..]

May 2018 09

Rock & Roll Hotel, Washington, DC – 04-19-2018


The line stretched around the block for IAMX’s first U.S. show of the Alive in New Light Tour, hot on the heels of the band’s latest release. A mixture of longtime loyalists and curious newbies eagerly mingled while waiting to be let in from the cold. Washington, DC’s Rock & Roll Hotel is a perfect venue to host IAMX [..]

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