Dec 2017 11

MINISTRY unveils "ANTIFA" music video, announces new album, tour
MINISTRY - AmeriKKKantLegendary industrial/metal act MINISTRY has announced the release of its fourteenth album, titled AmeriKKKant, due out on March 9, 2018 on Nuclear Blast Records. This marks the band’s first release with the prominent worldwide metal label, with the album funded via PledgeMusic crowdfunding campaign. Having debuted the song during the band’s European and U.S. tours in 2017, MINISTRY has released the first single, “ANTIFA,” and a corresponding music video [..]

Dec 2017 11

Mirland reveals new album, collaboration with Claus LarsenJohn R. Mirland, having formed the duo of Am Tierpark with Claus Larsen (Leæther Strip, Klutæ), has announced a new collaborative album with his band mate, “born out of an idea about kicking up the complexity and power of the sound of Mirland and just see where it would take itself.” Titled Disturbia and under the moniker of Mirland/Larsen, the album features Larsen on vocals, with the music exploring elements of industrial and urban sounds [..]

Dec 2017 08

Wayne Hussey partners with Swedish initative against subcultural discrimination, releases new song and video
The Mission front man Wayne Hussey – also formerly of Sisters of Mercy and Dead or Alive – has partnered with the Swedish Right to Subcultural Identity (RTSI) initiative for part two of its ongoing campaign against discrimination towards alternative subcultures. Hussey’s song, “You Are Not Alone,” which is the namesake for the second phase of the campaign, pays tribute to a gay friend who grew up feeling different and alone in a small town and offers reassurance to those who may feel the same. An exclusive video of the song is available on the RTSI YouTube channel. [..]

Dec 2017 07

Dead Animal Assembly Planet releases cover of traditional folk song made famous by Johnny Cash
Industrial/metal group Dead Animal Assembly Plant has released the music video for a cover of the legendary Johnny Cash’s “God’s Gonna Cut You Down,” which premiered on pop culture and horror website Dread Central. Vocalist/producer Zach Wagner explains that the band’s take on the traditional folk song, made famous by the Man in Black, is a departure from the traditional interpretation as a warning against God’s judgement [..]

Dec 2017 06

MoogFest 2018 announces lineup, includes Chelsea Manning as keynote speaker
MoogFest has announced its 2018 lineup, which will be led by female, gender non-binary, and transgender artists. Presented by United Therapeutics, American Underground, and Moog Music with support from Splice, the festival celebrating music, technology, and innovation will feature privacy rights and political transparency activist Chelsea Manning as keynote speaker. Manning’s conversation on “The Future of Creativity” will continue the festival’s tradition of exploring the future of creativity, painting the technological future as a new creative landscape, and examining how technology enables radical disruption in the personal and political spheres. [..]

Dec 2017 06

Ohm Resistance announces showcase event featuring End.user and Compactor
Ohm Resistance will be hosting a special event in Brooklyn as a showcase for new artists and heavyweight electronic live musicians, taking place on Thursday, December 14 at Sunnyvale. With visuals created and curated by Rob Cerrato, the showcase will feature five prominent acts in experimental styles ranging from breakcore to industrial/noise and drum & bass, ending with the collaborative project Resistance Squadron – a “five-way battle royale” that includes End.user, Pendulum drummer KJ Sawka, Submerged, Darryl Hell, and Breaker. [..]

Dec 2017 05

Synthpop supergroup Seadrake releases new single to tease upcoming debut album
Seadrake has released “Something Durable,” a new single that also serves as a teaser for the synthpop supergroup’s high anticipated upcoming debut album, Isola. The release comes on the heels of a successful inagural release, “Lower Than This (Someday),” which featured Seabound singer Frank M. Spinath and made the German Electronic Web and Alternative charts.
Seadrake enlisted producer Olaf Wollschläger (And One, Mesh) and ousted computers and software in favor of analog synthesizers [..]

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