Nov 2017 08

Swindy releases new music video from debut EP, announces live shows and full-length album for 2018
Swindy has released the video for “Reflection,” a tale of loss and longing unfurling against sun-bleached desert ruins set to the first single off of the self-titled 2016 debut EP. Describing the band’s sound as “electronic pop/rock with a twist of industrial,” the Tuscon based Swindy began as the solo project of Ensphere front man Randall Swindell after he “began to discover the strength found in pop music” and “fell in love with the influences of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kesha, and more.” The project quickly evolved into a full band, growing to include guitarist and 51 Peg vocalist Jeff Sargent, Mike Jenney of Alter der Ruine and Assemblage 23 on synths [..]

Nov 2017 04

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Sunday, 10/01/2017
ColdWaves VI


It’s Sunday, the first of October in 2017; it has been a tumultuous and emotionally draining year, not just for the political state of the world, but with the untimely passing of several musical artists, leaving in many a void that could only be filled by an event such as ColdWaves. In the past, the festival spanned two nights to showcase virtually every corner of the underground industrial music scene, but this year offered a third night and one of the most diverse assemblies of the assorted styles that encompass the scene to make for the biggest ColdWaves yet. [..]

Nov 2017 03

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Saturday, 09/30/2017
ColdWaves VI


The waves of cold air continued to flow through the Windy City on this sunny Saturday evening of September 30, beginning the second of three nights of ColdWaves VI. One of the many heartening aspects of this particular gathering of the industrial music scene is not only the diversity of music but that of the crowd as well; fans of experimental and atmospheric industrial and exploratory sound mingle with those that prefer melodic and lyrical expression or even the more primal urges to simply move one’s feet and shake one’s fists on the dance floor. With this year spanning three nights and offering the largest and one of the most varied artist rosters ever, ColdWaves is an opportunity not just for musical discovery but also for friends old and new to share in this industrial community [..]

Nov 2017 02

The Metro, Chicago, IL – Friday, 09/29/2017
ColdWaves VI


Five years after the departure of Jamie Duffy, the sixth entry in the Chicago ColdWaves event perhaps bore some of the deepest scars in the fight against depression and suicide. As ReGen associate John Galope had stated in the Digressions podcast, “dark music for people with dark thoughts,” more than adequately describing the varying styles of industrial, goth, electro that encompass this music scene. But this year, the reverberations of that statement extended into wider territory [..]

Nov 2017 02

Front 242 and Covenant to perform at Dracula's Ball 20 Year Anniversary Gala
Legendary gothic/industrial dance party Dracula’s Ball celebrates its 20 year anniversary on April 14, 2018 with a special Anniversary Gala. Pioneering EBM act Front 242 and genre mainstays Covenant will headline the event, with Dracula’s Ball favorite DJ Cypher and a second DJ to be announced keeping the dance floors moving. [..]

Nov 2017 02

Skum Love collaborates with Stark Raving Mad to create new music video
Hollywood industrial/metal act Skum Love has released a lyric video for “Dig You Like a Grave” off of the latest album, Sinister Minister. The video uses conceptual comic book artwork inspired by the song and created collaboratively by Skum and Maggie Love, an independent artist known by the moniker Stark Graving Mad, to weave a tale of debauchery, murder, and revenge from beyond the grave. [..]

Nov 2017 02

Returning to its machine/rock roots for the Dead On Arrivals EP, 16volt injects some fresh and virulent oil into its sound, full of anger and defiance as only this band can deliver.


An InterView with Eric Powell and Steve Hickey of 16volt

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