Sep 2017 19

Hailing from Philadelphia, REVillusion is a band with great promise and potential to become an innovative and inspirational voice in industrial/rock, as ReGen speaks with the band’s mastermind Brian E. Carter.


An InterView with Brian E. Carter of REVillusion

Sep 2017 18

Steven Archer takes ReGen on a journey through time and space to the desert world of Arrakis and invites us into his musical and mental process for his solo instrumental outlet Stoneburner.


An InterView with Steven Archer of Stoneburner

Sep 2017 17

Having just concluded the band’s first independent North American tour and with yet another record breaking crowdfunding campaign under its belt, Julien-K prepares to take listeners through a future retrospective with an upcoming four CD set.


An InterView with Ryan Shuck, Amir Derakh, and Anthony “Fu” Valcic of Julien-K

Sep 2017 15

Undermathic releases first new album since 2013Polish electronic musician Maciej Paszkiewicz has released the first track from the latest album from his Undermathic moniker, titled “Technologique.” With a release date of October 27, Living Holograms marks the first release of new Undermathic material since 2013’s Indistinct Face, and his first since departing from the prominent IDM/industrial imprint Tympanik Audio. [..]

Sep 2017 15

Two new vinyl reissues have been announced for the influential experimental/industrial group Coil.
Coil / Black Sun Productions - The Plastic Spider ThingOriginally released in 2002 on Threshold House via World Serpent, The Plastic Spider Thing served as a soundtrack to the feature of the same name by artist/activist group Black Sun Productions, now remixed and rearranged in a form congruent with Coil’s experiments with ritual magic and performance art. Included with the CD is the Autonomous Peep Show DVD of rare clips, backstage footage, and video manipulations as well as a documentary of Black Sun Productions’ history and its strong ties with Coil. [..]

Sep 2017 15

Orbital returns to perform in the U.S. for Electronic Music Awards
After an absence of five years from U.S. shores, pioneering U.K. electronic music duo Orbital has reunited and will perform at the inaugural Electronic Music Awards, at the personal request of EMA Executive Producer Paul Oakenfold. The performance, starting at 7:47pm PST on September 21, will feature new music alongside classic cuts, with brothers Phil and Paul Hartnoll broadcasting live on Twitter from downtown Los Angeles. “We’re so excited to be coming back to the U.S.A.,” Orbital states, “We love it there and have missed it over the past five years. It was an essential part of our Orbital lives in the past and we can’t wait to make it our present again.” [..]

Sep 2017 15

PORN returns with first new album in six years
PORN - The Ogre InsideFrench gothic/industrial rock band PORN will be releasing its third album, titled The Ogre Inside, on October 20 via Echozone. Featuring scattered samples of renowned occultist Aleister Crowley, the album marks the first release of new material from PORN since 2011’s From the Void to the Infinite, with the band stating that “PORN invites you to fight the beast, your very own monster, the Ogre that will devour you.” [..]

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