Sep 2017 25

Lord of the Lost U.S. tour cancelled
Several days before the band was to commence its U.S. tour with KMFDM and ohGr, German dark rock band Lord of the Lost has unfortunately been denied entry into the United States. The tour was to begin in Chicago on Sunday, October 1 as one of the bands on the third night of this year’s ColdWaves VI. To address the matter, Lord of the Lost has issued this statement [..]

Sep 2017 24

Living up to the title of her debut release as Lorelei Dreaming, Laura Bienz is an electro/industrial Banshee, demonstrating a remarkable vocal talent. ReGen speaks with the Chicago musician about life, music, geek culture, and more!
Lorelei Dreaming


An InterView with Laura Bienz of Lorelei Dreaming

Sep 2017 23

Messer Chups unveils new album, announces North American tour
Messer Chups - Taste the Blood of GuitaraculaRussian surf/punk trio Messer Chups’ latest album, Taste the Blood of Guitaracula, the band’s first with L.A.’s garage MuSick Recordings label, will be released on Friday, October 13, 2017. The 16 mostly instrumental tracks combine surf rock and samples to create a collection of catchy and kitschy retro songs [..]

Sep 2017 22

Original Bauhaus bassist David J to join Peter Murphy during San Francisco residency in 2018
Peter Murphy - The Chapel, San Francisco ResidencyGoth/rock icon Peter Murphy and former Bauhaus bandmate bassist David John Haskins (David J) will reunite for a trio of classic Bauhaus sets in February of 2018. The three Mr. Moonlight shows will cap off Murphy’s nearly month long retrospective residency in San Francisco. Murphy and Haskins parted ways after the dissolution of Bauhaus, with Murphy starting a solo career and Haskins forming Love and Rockets with former Bauhaus members Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins before branching out into playwriting, musical scores, and a successful solo career. [..]

Sep 2017 22

IAMX releases new experimental album
IAMX - UnfallFor his latest album as IAMX, Chris Corner has repurposed his remix moniker as the title for a new series exploring his more experimental leanings, Unfall. Released on September 22 in CD and digital formats, Unfall deviates from the usual IAMX structure to explore pure sound devoid of lyrics to achieve a more impersonal and abstract style, one that the artist assures will become more personal the more time the listener spends with imperfect machines [..]

Sep 2017 22

DOPE announces retrospective collection celebrating the band's earliest years
DOPE - The Early Years 1997 / 1998Now on the Monster High Tour with (HED)Pe, the band’s third tour since mid-2016, industrial/metal act DOPE has announced the release of a retrospective collection, titled DOPE: The Early Years 1997 / 1998. Celebrating the band’s twentieth anniversary since its inception in New York City, the collection is “the original story book and soundtrack of how it all began” [..]

Sep 2017 22

Angelspit unveils details of "tough as f*ck" seventh album
Angelspit - Black Dog BiteMoving away from the dance music influences of 2016’s Cult of Fake, electro/punk act Angelspit returns to a heavier, more aggressively industrial sound with the upcoming seventh album, titled Black Dog Bite. Band leader Zoog Von Rock states that the album is “tough as fuck,” with lyrics that are political as well as personal in trademark Angelspit fashion [..]

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